Gecko Robotics is transferring among the US media obligations to Circletree Enterprises

PITTSBURGH, June 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – One of Pittsburghs most innovative industrial inspection company, Gecko Robotics, has given part of its digital advertising budget to the independent advertising agency Circletree Enterprises. You will be responsible for communicating Gecko’s range of wall scaling robots and predictive maintenance software to critical industries.

The appointment follows some aggressive growth plans publicly announced by the company’s CEO and co-founder. Jake Looserarian, Gecko Robotics announced plans to double the company’s current workforce of 130 and expand the office space in Pittsburgh, Austin, TX and Houston, Texas.

Michael Currie, Vice President of Marketing at Gecko Robotics, was happy to choose Circletree as an agency partner. “We felt that working with a local agency would be the best choice.” Michael added, “Circletree offers us a personal service and a close working relationship that is not always found with many other agencies.”

“The entire team is committed to being such a remarkable company in the in Pittsburgh Area. “Founder and CEO of Circletree Kyle Borgman said in a statement, “The fact that Michael believes we are an integral part of their aggressive growth plans means a lot to our agency as a whole,” adds Kyle. “We’ll do whatever we can to make Gecko a success, period “.”

Gecko Robotics already has a massive impact on some of the The United States’ most critical industries and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Your entire team will carry on the proud tradition of innovation Pittsburgh.

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SOURCE Circletree Company

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