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Photo: Courtesy of Smashed Waffle Company

Smashed waffle company

D’s SixPax & Dogz

1118 South Braddock Ave., Regent Square.
D’s SixPax & Dogz is still closed after a fire damaged the restaurant. According to a report by TribLive, police believe the fire was deliberately started. Only the back end of the restaurant was reportedly damaged, but the facility was still closed on August 9. Keep up to date with the situation by following Ds on Instagram.

Smashed waffles

3501 Forbes Avenue, Oakland.
This North Carolina brand is coming to Pittsburgh thanks to business partners Len Caric and Jim Rudolph who have teamed up with Sherree Goldstein of Square Café in East Liberty to bring the franchise to town. What is a smashed waffle? It consists of Belgian pearl sugar dough balls that are crushed in a waffle iron press. Customers can choose between sweet or savory toppings, such as the savory sandwiches or the muesli thriller. The space will begin as a “ghost kitchen” for deliveries only in September and then move to an on-site restaurant in January 2022, with a location in Oakland.

Ordinary coffee

5827 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill.
This popular coffee chain recently launched the Commonplace Coffee Quest, a competition that encourages coffee lovers to stop by all five locations. Participants will receive a special Coffee Quest sticker at each location. You need to post a picture of this on their Instagram story and make sure they tag the Commonplace Instagram as well. If you visit four or all five locations, you will be eligible for special prizes like merch, gift cards, limited edition coffee, and more. The grand prize winner will be given a choice of barista training or one-to-one tuition with founder TJ Fairchild. To learn more, visit the Commonplace website.

Adda coffee and tea house

200 South Highland Ave., Shadyside.
Latte lovers, rejoice! Adda has added two new tempting drinks to its August Drink Specials. The first is a maple spice latte, which is sweetened with maple syrup with a dash of cayenne pepper. The second is a peach cobbler latte, which is described as “slightly fruity with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg”. Get yours now!

Brightness box

4104 Penn Ave., Bloomfield.
In a simple statement posted on their Facebook page, the owners of the popular Brillobox bar, restaurant and venue announced that they plan to reopen this fall. There’s no specific date yet, but they said “we will take all measures to protect our co-workers and friends” so you may be expected to wear a mask or provide proof of vaccination, as is the case with many other companies in Pittsburgh.

Gluten free goat
The gluten and allergen friendly bakery has two pop-ups this week where you can find them for lunch and brunch. The lunch pop-up will take place on Friday, August 13th. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Adda Garfield site. The brunch pop-up will take place on Sunday, August 15. from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Adda Shadyside location. and sprout sandwich. The brunch menu includes gluten-free pancakes with a peach flammé topping.

Pittsburgh Restaurant Week
On August 9th, Pittsburgh Restaurant Week resumed with participating restaurants such as Azorean Café, Paris 66, Doughbar, Station, Fujiya Ramen, The Porch and many others. Most locations end the week on Sunday, August 15th, but many have extended their participation to Sunday, August 22nd. Reservations are recommended and many establishments offer al fresco dining.

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