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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Our second round of rain is there for the morning and brings moderate to heavy downpours for places south of Pittsburgh.

Many of us will see about 1/4 “to 1/2” of rainfall during the day, but about 1/2 “to 1” and even more in areas south of the Pennsylvania border will be seen in areas south.

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These spots could receive 1/2 “to 1” of rainfall and further south where 1-2 “is possible and likely to look.

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Highs will be in the mid-50s, but the warmest temperatures won’t be until later in the evening.

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There will also be a little break from the rain in the afternoon, then light showers for the rest of the day through Monday morning.

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Flood warnings for the Monongahela River at Point Marion are in effect through Monday evening and Tuesday near Charleroi and Elizabeth.

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There is also a flood report for the Ohio River near Pittsburgh Monday through Wednesday.

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The river is expected to rise about 18 feet by Monday morning with a ridge of 19.5 feet by early Tuesday.

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On this ridge, Mon Wharf is likely completely flooded.

In the lower areas of the North Shore Riverwalk, the water is up to a foot deep.

The first day of meteorological spring is Monday and it looks like there is a lot of sunshine!

The highs will be in the top 40s and stay there for most of the week.

(Photo credit: KDKA Weather Center)

There may be a light shower of rain late Tuesday through early Wednesday and again on Thursday, but the chance is still slim.

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