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According to the FBI, over 100 people have been arrested for sieging the Capitol, including the “liberal activist,” the Confederate standard bearer

FBI Director Christopher Wray said in his first public comments since President Trump’s violent siege of the US Capitol on Jan. 6 that law enforcement related to the attack had arrested more than 100 people and that there was “extensive online Chatter “ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Most of those arrested so far have been right-wing militants, off duty police, retired military personnel, GOP officials, QAnon supporters and white supremacists. For example, the man photographed through the Capitol with a Confederate flag surrendered Kevin Seefried, and his son Hunter Seefried surrendered to the FBI in Delaware on Thursday, the Justice Department said. Embedded by Getty Images. Authorities also arrested “liberal activist” John Sullivan Thursday, who makes him, Politico says, “the first person to be charged who appears to have been active for liberal purposes.” Sullivan, who filmed the siege, claims he only followed the rioters as a “journalist,” but the FBI said his own video showed that he was an advocate of lawlessness and even an active participant. Trump supporters, including Rudy Giuliani and conservative media, pointed to Sullivan’s arrest in support of their counterfactual claim that “Antifa” or “Black Lives Matter” were actually behind the attack on the Capitol. But “even before his arrest, left-wing activists had been describing concerns in this community for some time that Sullivan was a provocateur who worked with others, including his brother James, who has Proud Boys ties and runs a pro-Trump organization. “Marcy Wheeler notes at EmptyWheel.> Pic.twitter.com/oRri9hyHGv >> – New York City Antifa (@NYCAntifa) Jan 7, 2021” Sullivan’s presence at the Capitol and his previous record of anti-Trump activism were reported to Robert Mackey at The Intercept on the focus of the maddening attention in the right-wing media, while “the left organizers have emphasized that they threw Sullivan out of their ranks months ago”. Since Mackey passed the Nom de Guerre “Activist John” last summer, he was promoted by “leftist organizers associated with Black Lives Matter and anti-fascism in Utah, California and the Pacific Northwest,” who say he was “either a right”, blacklisted-swinging infiltrator or a dangerously naive amateur. “More Stories from theweek.com 5 More Scathing Cartoons of Trump’s Second Impeachment Trump’s Delayed Inoculation Raises Suspicion Here’s what Biden is reportedly planning to spend his first day in office

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