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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Do you remember saying in math class, “I’ll never use this in real life”?

Since tomorrow is officially Pi Day, you know, 3-14 or March 14, we’re going to be using Pi to show how you may have wrongly bought pizza. Yes, math in real life!

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At first you might be wondering what is pi. Many of us have learned that pi is 3.14 and a decimal place that goes on forever.

We’re going to keep it simple today and stop at 3.14. This number indicates the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of that circle.

Knowing this, we can find the area of ​​a circle using the formula area = πr ^ 2.

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I would guess most people have no problem paying twice as much for a 16-inch pizza than they would for an 8-inch pizza, since 16 is twice as much as 8.

While this may sound logical, just know that a 16-inch pizza contains about four times more pizza than an 8-inch pizza.

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We know this because of pi, you know that 3.14 number you learn in math class. To find the area of ​​a circle, you need to multiply pi by the square of the radius.

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Let’s put that into the equation. First we need to cut the diameter of the pizza in half as the radius is half the diameter. The large pizza has a diameter of 16 inches and a radius of 8 inches.

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That is, you take pi or 3.14 and multiply it by 8 square or 64.

3.14 × 64 is 200.96. That is, the pizza area is 200.96 square inches of goodness.

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Now for the smaller 8-inch pizza.

Half the diameter is 4 “so multiply pi or 3.14 times 4” squared or 16.

3.14 x 16 is 50.24 square inches. That is only 1/4 the pizza area of ​​the big pizza. How is the price distributed per square inch?

We’re going to use rounded numbers here to make the calculation easier, but 14-200 square inches for the large pizza is $ 0.07 per square inch and 7 to 50 square inches for the small pizza is $ 0.14 per square inch. This means that the big is the better deal!

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If the pizza is square, multiply length x width to find the pizza area.

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It’s a little easier than using Pi to find the area of ​​a round pizza.

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