Hunter Biden The main target of the federal investigation in Pittsburgh involving US lawyer Scott Brady and the FBI – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – President Donald Trump wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the business relationships of President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

However, for the past 12 months, Hunter has been the focus of a federal investigation in Pittsburgh.

US attorney Scott Brady will not comment, but KDKA has confirmed that his office and local FBI agents investigated Hunter over the past year, much to the dismay of some prosecutors.

How did the Hunter investigation get to Pittsburgh?

It appears to have started last December when President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani returned from a trip to Ukraine looking for information about the Bidens – specifically Jäger’s relationship with Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma.

The New York Times first reported last week that Giuliani had come to Pittsburgh in January and discussed the evidence in a four-hour meeting with Brady. According to sources, he’s a strong supporter of the president and an active participant in Republican politics who dearly wanted to be involved.

A letter from the Justice Department to the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee in February confirmed that Brady had been assigned to the case “to assist in receiving, processing and preliminary analysis of new information from the public that may be relevant to Ukraine-related matters” .

Despite Brady declining all comments, KDKA has confirmed the ongoing investigation in his office and with the local FBI.

Sources tell Andy Sheehan of KDKA that some prosecutors in the office who have worked under both Democratic and Republican administration have been disturbed by the investigation, which they believe is political and has little to do with western Pennsylvania.

The investigation has not led to any charges and the current status is unclear. However, over the past year malicious information has surfaced in the form of emails containing payments to Biden’s family members recovered from a laptop left in a store in Delaware. The authenticity of these emails has been questioned.

Hunter recently announced that his tax payments are currently under investigation by the US attorney in Delaware.

Brady is a Republican named by President Trump. President-elect Biden is likely to replace him with a Democrat. But if a special prosecutor is appointed, Brady would hand over his evidence and the investigation would continue.

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