Ida Punches Pittsburgh, Previous Decade Condemned & Extra: Weekly Wrap

PITTSBURGH, PA – A school bus is trapped in rising water. Fast water rescue units in action. Waist-high water in cellars. The week in and around Pittsburgh was certainly not boring.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida hit the region Tuesday night and Wednesday, flooding some communities with nearly five inches of rain. To say the amount of rainfall created quite a mess in such a short amount of time would be the epitome of understatement.

The sky has brightened locally since then, but the mood remains dark for the many people in southwest Pennsylvania who are still cleaning up. Not to make anyone paranoid, but it’s possible that we could go through this again soon as it’s still pretty early in hurricane season.


Now for the rest of the Weekly Wrap:

  • President Joe Biden apparently made an inaccurate claim about visiting the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh after the 2018 massacre there.
  • The former location of the iconic Decade bar in Oakland may have an upcoming date with the wrecking ball.

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