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Jack and the tree house

My best friend who grew up had a tree house. It was in northern New York, and the tree house was 100 feet from his back door. However, it was a place that adults were in control of, where they could only do things from the ground and connect with the natural world for even an hour.

Jack and the tree housePittsburgh’s production, which debuts at the Pittsburgh Indie Film Festival, understands this feeling well.

others Jack and the tree houseThe 2021 PIFF event at the McKee’s Rocks Parkway Theater from Thursday, August 5th to Sunday, August 8th, was produced locally in addition to entries from France and abroad. Many movies are in the spotlight. , Singapore, Australia. Called “Indie Film Festival by Indie Filmmakers and for Indie Filmmakers,” PIFF is a platform for emerging filmmakers by showing a wide selection of feature and short films, from stories to documentaries. To provide.

Other Pittsburgh productions that debut at the festival include Steel man Directed by Mike Palmer, a horror movie about a local superhero fighting both zombies and criminal bosses at the mall’s comic convention.

Jack and the tree house This is the latest work by James Schneider, a writer, director and producer who is a veteran filmmaker in Pittsburgh. It finds 10-year-old Jack at the first real crossroads of his life. He spent his childhood in the woods of western Pennsylvania, learning from his grandfather what his family’s land should be. But when my grandfather dies and in an accident he wears walking boots, the land becomes one big dollar sign. So his dad decided to sell, and Jack decided to rebel by throwing himself into a tree house built many years ago by his grandfather and refused to get off.

according to Pittsburgh Post Gazette paper, This movie is Schneider’s personal, and his son lost his grandfather at an early age. He also acted on Jack’s actions based on Julia Butterfly Hill, an environmentalist who lived in California’s Sequoia trees for two years to protest unethical logging practices.

The key then is to find an anchor point in such an intimate movie, and Jack is a good one. As the title character, Eamonn McElfresh is asked to do a lot for his age, and sometimes a man appears in the tree house. He does a good job, balancing a caring, wise, curious, rebellious character with a character that feels very quickly and fully formed.

And while Dave Mansueto is often an overly simplistic adversary in Jack’s fatherhood battle, Cotter Smith does a small but great performance as Jack’s Pap. With all the little gestures and notes of finding the joy of life in the simplest, he represents many of the things that movies are best at.

This is a small local movie that is shown occasionally. Still, the sense of place and the world is always shining, and that’s what Schneider displays here. His best moment is when the camera captures the sadness caused by the unleashing beauty of nature. Cast in beautiful sepia, the film depicts the tranquility of the woodlands interrupted by the loud, rude sounds of a truck-driving contractor, or the sharp sounds of a chainsaw slicing through the gentle barking of birds. ..

You finally feel Jack. He is a kid and is trying to save a patch of wood. Jack and the tree house Treat him as what he is. A scary kid who holds the connection to his family, his memory, and that freedom that comes from living in your own terms, standing in a tree house.

Pittsburgh Indie Film Festival. August 5th (Thursday) -August 8th (Sunday) Parkway Theater.
644 Broadway Ave., McKees Rocks. $ 13, $ 30 for a 3-day pass. pghindie.com

Jack and Treehouse Deliver a Heartfelt Environmental Message to the Pittsburgh Indie Film Festival | Screen | Pittsburgh

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