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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

Two cheese dogs exhibiting their work at Jim’s in West Mifflin.

If a restaurant has been around for nearly 100 years, its success is beyond dispute, even if its cooking method is unusual.

That’s the story of Jim in West Mifflin. The hot dog place has been open since 1927 and is also known for Jim’s famous hot dog sauce, which is filled with hot sweet and sour spices. (The name of the restaurant also appears as Jim’s famous sauce in Internet searches.) The joint is a label that conjures up the grandeur of “hot dogs, steaks, chicken, pasta, etc.” asserts. and also sells and sells famous sauces. I distribute it.

But what really sets Jim apart is the way hot dogs are prepared. After grilling the sausages and putting everything together into bread with sauce and chopped onions, Jim puts everything back under the grill and offers a little more char. According to Jim’s website, this extra ceramic will help keep your hot dog with toast tasty even when you get home.

Ultimately, Jim realized that adding melted cheese to a freshly baked hot dog would result in a brownish blackened piece that would satisfy customers. It has become the most popular item in the gym and must be ordered when visiting the Montvalley classic.

When I visited Jim, I ordered two cheese dogs and a slice (a cheese sauce that covered a grilled dog with chopped onions and Jim’s famous sauce) out the window and enjoyed it at a small metal counter under the overhang. .. There are also tables and other outdoor seating, but most of them are handheld.

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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

West Mifflin Jim

The appearance of a cheese dog can be a little worrying. Velveeta-style cheese is cooked to form black and brown spots and form small ceramic bowls. They look like hot dog versions of the Altuna Hotel pizza. This is a quirky central Pennsylvania cake with ingredients under a yellow cheese topping that may have charred edges.

But the taste and texture are great. The dog is very snappy and the bread is crispy, even though everything is covered with damp material. Char obviously helps keep everything crispy and hot.

Chopped onions make for a little crunch that goes well with the famous sauce, which is a little hot and moderately sweet and sour. I remember the sweet and sour sauce from fast food, but it has a little chilli kick. It goes well with chicken. It’s a bit more addicting, but it lacks some fat to add a bit of base to make up the acid. Cheddar sauce offers some, but not all of the richness that I want.

But I wasn’t used to, and never had, Jim’s hot dog style. Some of me always thought the sauce was chili sauce but instead came across a little sticky sweet and sour condiment. The burnt cheese dog was delicious and satisfying overall and very fascinating.

Jim’s is well worth a trip to Skyline Drive from West Mifflin. If you’ve been open for 100 years, you’ve surely found a formula to hold your customers back.

Jim’s Famous Source Co., Ltd … 2600 Skyline Drive, West Mifflin. jimsknownsauce.com

Jim’s Famous Sauce Burnt Cheese Dog is a West Mifflin classic | Food | Pittsburgh

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