Jobs are slowly rising in November

Employers in the seven-county statistical metropolitan area of ​​Pittsburgh added 1,300 jobs to their payroll from October 2020 to November 2020. However, due to the increased recruitment, the region remained 85,900 fewer than on the books in November 2019, a 7.3 percent decline, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

All 16 metropolitan areas covered by Pittsburgh Today saw job losses from November 2019 to November 2020. The job loss rate at the MSA in Pittsburgh was above the 6.8 percent average decline among the reference regions.

The Austin labor market, which recorded a 1.1 percent year-over-year loss in November, weathered the recession best among the reference regions. Boston posted the worst decline, losing 9.8 percent of its jobs compared to 12 months earlier.

All industries in the Pittsburgh area have lost jobs in the past 12 months, with the exception of financial activities, which created 0.4 percent more jobs. The leisure and hospitality sectors, which include restaurants and hotels, are hardest hit. The sector cut almost 30 percent of its jobs in November 2019. And the outlook isn’t much better in December as new pandemic restrictions raise concerns about further job losses.

“We’re still a long way from a year ago,” said Chris Briem, regional economist at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Social and Urban Studies. “Changes within the industries are minimal. Whatever the immediate boost that came from lifting public health restrictions or changing behavior earlier this year is over. “

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