Joey Votto gives the proper tackle baseball

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

If you’re struggling with your love of baseball after the relentless lockout negotiations and the shortcomings that MLB, like every league in the world, suffers from, we have the perfect video for you.

Hearing Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto talk about baseball is inspirational and has the potential to renew your love for our beautiful game.

Sharing a booth now that he’s injured and out for a year, Votto made some comments about what he loved most about the sport.

Here are his comments:

Joey Votto’s is perfection. (h/t @BallySportsCIN)

— Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) September 2, 2022

He talks about baseball having the underestimated advantage of monopolizing summer: The bright sun, blue skies and baseball are a perfect combination.

Votto shares his love of the game

He says that depending on the city, fans and players can enjoy different environments, cultures, fan bases and even different weather conditions.

He talks about the shadows in Cincinnati and the wind in Chicago, but we could add many more to the list: the baseball atmosphere and passion of New York and Boston, the thin air of the Colorado Mountains, beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh, and the Bay in San Francisco are just a few more examples.

All contribute something to the game: we can sum it up in diversity.

Fans and players can see the positives in many of these things, as they should, because baseball is played in a variety of locations, locations, climates, and cities.

You can easily see how much Votto loves baseball and everything about it.

Most importantly, it also makes us love the game even more.

He is a true treasure of the game and should be celebrated and cherished.

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