JuJu Smith-Schuster continues to do properly within the Pittsburgh group

Professional athletes are puzzles in their own way. In public, the focus is typically on the negative. Every time a gamer does something that is considered negative in public, it gets plastered on all websites and newspapers. However, the opposite is not always the case. So many professional athletes do a tremendous amount of work in their communities and it goes completely unnoticed.

This is part of the ‘Steelers Do Good’ series that I’ve been doing at BTSC for years. If a player does something good in the community, I think it’s at least worth mentioning. These players are not always self-centered and selfish, but often spearhead initiatives around the world.

JuJu Smith-Schuster and his JuJu Foundation have done, and continue to do, an excellent job for the Pittsburgh community by providing grants of over $ 75,000 to certain organizations.

“On behalf of the JuJu Foundation, we recognize these 10 major charities in the Pittsburgh area for their important work,” said Smith-Schuster of the Steelers official website. “We hope that your work will continue to have a positive impact on our community.”

Scholarship recipients include Animal Advocates, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Homeless Children’s Education Fund, Jeremiahs Place, Holy Family Institute, Light of Life Rescue Mission, PA Women Work, Reading Is FUNdamental Pittsburgh, Unpack U, and UPMC Senior Services.

Places like the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic because local residents were not always able to access good quality food. They were more than pleased to see that the JuJu Foundation was helping with this particular scholarship opportunity.

“The Food Bank greatly appreciates this JuJu Foundation grant,” said Lisa Scales, president of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. “As so many of our neighbors continue to struggle with putting groceries on the table and making difficult decisions between buying groceries and paying for other household items, this contribution will help us achieve our goal of stabilizing life in southwestern Pennsylvania.”

Smith-Schuster was in the news for his first shot at the free agency this off-season, and it was far from remarkable. After weeks in the open market, Smith-Schuster decided to return to the Steelers on a one-year contract. Not only does this mean Smith-Schuster will continue to catch passports for the black and gold, but the JuJu Foundation will continue to serve the Pittsburgh community.

Stay tuned with BTSC for the latest black and gold news and notes as you prepare for the rest of the Free Agency and the 2021 NFL draft.

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