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PLUM (KDKA) – For many, this may just be a stuffed hamster.

But for Jaxson Roberts it is his loyal companion called Mow Mow.

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“I think I got it in 2019,” said Jaxson. “I caught him in Kennywood.”

After dating for so long, Jaxson’s mom, Megan Norris, says it was hard for him to leave his best friend behind on the first day of third grade.

“Jaxson had a really hard time homeschooling last year, getting back into the flow of things, ADHD and all the really bad fears,” said Norris.

But knowing what Mow Mow was doing during the day would reassure Jaxson.

“I’ve started taking photos of Mow Mow in town with the neighbors, in the park, with the postman,” said Norris.

“She took him on everything,” said Jaxson. “She baked bread with him, they showered and all the other funny things.”

Mow Mow even spent some time in Kennywood.

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He played games, ran rides, and hung out with the staff, all thanks to employee Sierra Roth.

Norris had called the theme park to see if they could sweeten Jaxson’s day.

“I hope it would help him through his school day to know that he can come home to see his pictures or tell Mow Mow what he did at school,” said Roth.

“I feel really good inside knowing that there are still such good people out there, and even in these tough times we have such a good community,” said Norris.

Roth hopes it will bring a lot of comfort and a smile to Jaxson’s face as he encourages him to go to school.

“He also sees Mow Mow doing things,” said Norris. “Well, it’s like Mow doing things. Jax can do things. Mow is brave and so is Jax. “

“I’m really happy,” said Jaxson. “Thank you Kennywood!”

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Help Jaxson reach new heights even when there’s no roller coaster in sight.

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