Kodiak the Eagle has nonetheless not been discovered after escaping Pittsburgh’s Nationwide Aviary on Saturday

Stellers Eagles, Haliaeetus pelagicus, Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan, February. (Photo by: Education Images / Universal Images Group via Getty Images)Universal Images Group via Getty

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Kodiak the Steller’s white-tailed eagle, which escaped National Aviary on Saturday, has not yet been found, according to WPXI.

According to National Aviary officials, the eagle escaped most likely due to a weakened chain network after being there for 17 years. It is believed that Kodiak is still near National Aviary on the north side.

According to a Facebook post today:

Update 11:30 a.m.: Our efforts to get Kody home safely continue today. We still believe he’s around. If the public sees him please call National Aviary at 412-323-7235 as we are actively responding to Kodiak sightings. When you see him, it is imperative that you do not approach him as he is likely to fly away from someone he does not know. Instead, please keep your position and view of him, but do not make any noise, movements or open doors or windows to take a closer look at him. When our team arrives, please set up work space to take Kody home. We have several teams on site ready to respond quickly to any credible Kody sightings. We continue to investigate how this happened, but we may never find out all the details. What we do know is that Kody’s habitat, like all habitats in the National Aviary, has been carefully designed with the safety and comfort of our birds as our top priority and is reviewed daily by our staff. The thick-walled cable installed by Kodiak on Saturday morning for safety had a gap in an area that wasn’t there before – this is extremely unusual. Kodiak has lived at the National Aviary for about 15 years and the staff take great care of him. We’re doing everything we can to get him home safely. The aviary will remain closed today and will close tomorrow (Tuesday) during our normal business hours as our team continues to focus on Kody’s safe return. Thanks very much.

Officials reportedly respond to any sightings and are working with animal control to find Kodiak.


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