Le’Veon Bell’s one-word tweet enraged Pittsburgh Steelers followers

The news was about as brief as his time in the field on Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs, who ran Le’Veon Bell back, posted a word on Twitter Sunday night after his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, lost their second straight game 11-0 after the season started. That one word didn’t go well with many Steelers fans.

Le’Veon Bell was a star with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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After playing his college football in Michigan state, running back Le’Veon Bell was a second choice in the 2013 NFL draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers took Bell with the 48t overall win and he became a bargain. Bell made an impression quickly, rushing 860 yards and eight touchdowns in 13 games during his rookie season.

Bell has proven to be much more than a runner. He is a double threat out of the field. Bell had his best season in his sophomore year in the league when he plunged to a career high of 1,361 yards and added eight quick touchdowns. He also garnered a career high of 854 yards and three touchdown receptions while receiving Pro Bowl honors.

Bell made the Pro Bowl three times in his five seasons with the Steelers. In his senior year with the team in 2017, Bell led the league on rushing attempts with 321. He finished the race with 1,291 rushing yards and nine touchdowns on the ground. He added two more points through the air while collecting 655 reception yards. Bell missed the entire 2018 season in a contract dispute.

Life after the Pittsburgh Steelers

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In March 2019, after suspending the entire 2018 season in a contractual dispute, Le’Veon Bell signed a four-year deal for $ 52.5 million with the New York Jets. He was never the same player. In Bell’s first year with the Jets, he played 15 games, rushing for 789 yards and three touchdowns. He also caught 85 passes for 655 yards and two touchdowns.

That season he played two games for the Jets before being released. After trying to choose between the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs, Bell decided to sign with the Chiefs. With rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire off to a promising start, it was a surprising choice for Bell if he wanted a meaningful season.

Bell has played seven games, one of which started for the Chiefs. In seven games he has 162 rushing yards and a touchdown. He has 11 catches for 76 meters. His deal with the Chiefs is only for this year.

Bell didn’t love Steeler’s fans

Le’Veon Bell’s former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have done just fine without him. They started 11-0 that season, battling Bell’s Kansas City Chiefs for the top spot in the AFC. Kansas City is at a loss. The Steelers have now lost their last two games, giving the Chiefs first place in the AFC.

When the Steelers fell on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday night, the Chiefs jumped past them for the best seed and a shot at the conference’s only bye for the postseason. After the game, Bell took to Twitter with a one-word tweet that didn’t go over well with Steeler’s fans. Bell just wrote “1st”. He added a smiling emoji.

When fans replied via Twitter, they blew up Bell for his two carry and 21 rushing yards in Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins. “New lightning. The Chiefs would do this without you, ”wrote another person. It seems like Bell is content to sit back and enjoy the ride while annoying those who used to root for him.

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