Lonely Planet and Healthline Media are becoming a member of forces to launch a particular well being hub for vacationers

Published: October 27, 2021 at 1:05 p.m. CDT|Updated: 2 hours ago

NEW YORK, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As consumers keep traveling at their own pace, health, safety and logistics issues are more important than ever. To make the travel planning process and health on the go as easy as possible, the travel advice platform Lonely Planet has teamed up with the leading digital health and wellness company Healthline Media to launch the Health Hub on aloneplanet.com.

Health Hub gives you the information you need to confidently explore the world. Travelers benefit from a dedicated area at aloneplanet.com/health-safety for all types of health advice, with an initial focus on COVID-19 and from there with the latest news and information on safety. Travel to popular travel destinations around the globe. There is a special focus on travel health on social media, with expert questions and answers, live virtual events and more.

With this partnership, both companies, which are part of the corporate and brand portfolio of Red Ventures, are dedicated to the need of travelers for guidance and advice on health-related travel issues in a time of uncertainty and geographically diverse and rapidly changing requirements.

Key features of the Lonely Planet and Healthline Media partnership include:

  • The latest Covid-19 travel information and news to popular travel destinations around the world that includes border restrictions, rules on testing, masking requirements, and more.
  • General advice for travelers looking to protect themselves and their families on their next trip, including answering questions about travel health insurance, what to do in the event of illness, and more.
  • Expert recommendations on where to go and what to do there based on safety.
  • Twenty travel destinations are initially covered, including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Iceland, France, Italy, Japan and Australia. Coverage will be expanded to cover more areas after release.

Healthline Media Travel Expert for Health and Wellness Dr. Jenny Yu will be the leading expert voice of the partnership. Dr. Yu is a member of Healthline Media’s Medical Affairs team, making sure that each of the 1,700+ articles and videos published monthly are evidence-based and medically approved. With nearly two decades of clinical research and surgical experience, Dr. Yu a travel enthusiast for both pleasure and purpose. She visited 47 countries and in 2017 co-founded Project Theia, a nonprofit group of surgeons who perform pro bono facial reconstructions for those whose facial disfigurement she has outlawed in their communities Ghana, Kenya, India and Honduras. Dr. Yu is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She lives in Pittsburgh, Penn. with her husband and two daughters whom she teaches to be “curious and passionate”.

Nitya chambers, Lonely Planet’s senior vice president, content and executive editor, commented, ‘People are excited to travel again and want to be informed. The Health Hub will be able to provide essential information to Lonely Planet travelers to help them travel with confidence at this moment when health policies are influencing and continuing to influence everyone’s plans. With detailed local expertise from Lonely Planet and clear, medically validated advice from Healthline Media, we are uniquely positioned to help people who want to book their next trip. ‘

DR. Jenny Yu, Healthline Media Travel Health and Wellness Expert commented, “As a lifelong traveler for personal enjoyment and professional fulfillment, I am a fan of Lonely Planet for its clarity and thoroughness. Just imagine how excited I am to be contributing to this new and very much needed product that provides a dedicated and frequently updated place for everything travelers need to know about safe travel during the pandemic. Together, Lonely Planet and Healthline will unravel the complexities of the travel planning process and help more people travel with confidence. “

Healthline Media is a division of RV Health in the Red Ventures portfolio. Chief Executive Officer of RV Health Jeff Hallock said: “The new Lonely Planet and Healthline Media Travel Health Center brings together two of the world’s most trusted sources of information and advice that will benefit everyone who travels in such unprecedented and uncertain times.”

Via Lonely Planet

As a trusted voice in travel advice, Lonely Planet is part of the Red Ventures portfolio. Providing inspiring and trustworthy information to all types of travelers since 1973, Lonely Planet reaches hundreds of millions of travelers online and via mobile products every year, helping them create amazing experiences.

Lonely Planet can be found on aloneplanet.com, mobile phone, video and in 14 languages, armchair and lifestyle books, e-books and more. Over the past 48 years, Lonely Planet has printed over 145 million travel guides to 221 countries, as well as countless other titles that showcase the wonders of the world to travelers of all kinds.

Lonely Planet has led travel for nearly 50 years with the core belief that travel is for everyone, with the goal of helping more people from different backgrounds experience the joy of discovery. Because ultimately, this helps build a friendlier, more inclusive, and more open-minded world.

Visit Lonely Planet at aloneplanet.com and join our follower community on Facebook (facebook.com/lonelyplanet), Twitter (@lonelyplanet) and Instagram (instagram.com/lonelyplanet).

About Healthline Media

Healthline Media is the leading digital health and wellness offering that reaches most people on their way to wellbeing. The company delivers expert insights with a clear, human voice through its content, communities and services. Healthline Media connects its partners with more than 94 million people every month (Comscore, August 2021) across the brand portfolio (including Healthline.com, MedicalNewsToday.com, Greatist.com, and PsychCentral.com), connecting its audiences with solutions that help them live fuller, richer lives. The company publishes more than 1,500 pieces of content each month, created by 250+ authors and reviewed by 125+ medical experts, doctors, and clinicians. Each program and each content has been specially developed to be effective and to make wellness accessible to people everywhere. Healthline Media uses its platform to advocate a more inclusive and equitable approach to wellness. Throughout its history, Healthline Media’s mission and vision have remained constant: to create a stronger, healthier world. Healthline Media is located in San Francisco and owned by Red Ventures.

About Red Ventures

Over the past twenty years, Red Ventures has built a platform of companies, trusted brands, proprietary technologies, and strategic partnerships that work together to connect millions of people with expert advice. Through premium content and personalized digital experiences, Red Ventures creates online trips that make it easier for people to make important decisions about their home, health, travel, finance, education and entertainment. Founded in 2000, Red Ventures spans 5 continents and employs more than 4,500 people. Red Ventures owns and operates several major digital brands including CNET, Lonely Planet, Healthline Media, Healthgrades, The Points Guy, Bankrate and Allconnect.com.

For more information, visit https://redventures.com and follow @RedVentures on social platforms.

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