Lots of of Pittsburgh Gathering to Present Solidarity Following Lethal Atlanta Shootings – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Less than a week after eight people, including six Asian American women, were killed in multiple gunshots in Atlanta, vigils were held across the country to assist the victims and their loved ones.

One of these vigils was held in downtown Pittsburgh on Sunday evening.

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Passionate speakers stood on the podium on the steps of the Stadt-Kreis building, reading the names of the individual victims and telling personal stories about how racism against Asians affected them.

The vigil was supported by city guides, including Mayor Bill Peduto.

“Today we stand together to be able … not only to shout what happened, but also to demand change,” said Peduto.

Speakers said hate crimes and racism have only gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic began last March.

“It’s not fair to blame a race or ethnicity because of a global pandemic situation,” said Jenny Warburton. “We are here, we are people, we are important.”

Warburton’s daughter is a college student who said she was afraid of even walking around campus because of her ethnicity.

Sunday’s vigil was about comfort – to let the Asian community know that there are people who care. People from different backgrounds came to stop the hatred.

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