Meals Podcast: Halloween and Checking Meals Labels for Unhealthy Sugar

In the latest episode of the Food Podcast, presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union on the TribLIVE podcast network, the Greater Pittsburgh Community’s Food Bank focuses on sugar.

With Halloween just around the corner, kids and many adults will be eating a huge amount of candy.

“Halloween is a special occasion, it doesn’t happen every day and what we eat daily and regularly is much more important and ultimately reflects our internal health,” said Erin Spangler, Food Bank coordinator for nutrition and wellness.

Spangler says that if you regularly eat foods with added sugar, such as candy, at risk.

“What really worries us from a nutritional point of view is the added sugar. If you eat something like a banana or drink a glass of milk, there is sugar in it, but also a lot of other nutrients, ”said Spangler.

Determining the amount of added sugar in foods is actually a lot easier than it was before.

According to Spangler, food manufacturers will have to indicate the amount of added sugar on their food labels from 2020.

“You will now see, if you read the side of a label, that it says total sugar, but just below it it says that it has the number X of added sugar. That makes it so much easier for consumers, ”says Spangler

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Listen: How to Check Your Food Labels for Bad Sugar

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