Meet the millennials who select the small Alabama way of life over the massive metropolis

The COVID-19 pandemic opened remote working opportunities for millions of people, and for some it meant choosing small towns in Alabama over the high prices and traffic problems of larger cities.

Anna Claire Vollers of Reckon South introduced some of the new residents of Greensboro, Ala., Who are starting their own “magical community” in Hale County, where everyone attends roaming porch parties and the general store is just a short walk away.

Vollers highlights two couples: Sarah Cole and Robert Fitzpatrick who moved to Greensboro from Pittsburgh and Aaron Head and Tim Higgins who moved there from Nashville, plus an appearance by University of Alabama instructor Ian Crawford and his chickens .

Cole and Fitzpatrick traded a small rental home worth $ 1,000 a month for a mortgage on a three times bigger house with trees in the yard and a large porch. Cole worked from three jobs to make ends meet and opened her own bakery while Fitzpatrick pursued his dream of starting a woodworking business.

Head and Higgins left their $ 1,600 duplex in Nashville for a three-story “Greensboro Skyscraper” where you can see the “Catfish Capital of the World” water tower from the top floor.

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