Meet Tik Toker in Pittsburgh and make pasta.

Ryan Peters’ TikTok account has grown overwhelmingly thanks to its intricate pasta making videos. The 27-year-old Reading Native, who currently lives in Lawrenceville, has started. His Tik Tok An egg-beating and kneading excursion in front of the Pittsburgh skyline, Mount Washington.

Since then he’s been making pasta everywhere. Mount Washington, NS Heinz Field and Kenny Wood. He also has the following special guests, Juju Smith Schuster..Each pin on the card is part of his TikTok series I’m Making Pasta in an Unexpected Place.

With captivating videos of blue, green, and red Farfalle, Campanelle, and Bucatini, he has a passionate following for over 2 million pastas.

Would you like to know what else he’s developing? Peters has created his own brand and service on his website, Peter’s Pasta.

We chatted with Peters and heard all about his pasta-great trip. The following is our interview, edited for clarity and length.

Peters is always proud to represent the 412 (📸: Courtesy Ryan Peters)

How much do you cook? What was your interest in cooking?

I’ve been cooking as a professional for about 10 years. I can’t remember standing at the counter with my grandma or anything in the kitchen. I’ve always wanted to be a chef. My mother likes to show my picture of a second cook. That’s all I ever wanted to do.

What is your favorite cooking adventure before making pasta in town?

I’ve spent most of my career in fine dining, not pasta. I’ve been able to work in some really nice facilities in different cities and states across the country. For a while I thought this was my career path. Own one of the 50 best restaurants in the world and be one of the best chefs. Then it disappeared. But for a while, I really enjoyed the crazy and brutal lifestyle of non-stop grinding. It was fun, I experienced something cool and got to know a really great cook who I really admire.

Check out this egg yolk (📸: Courtesy Ryan Peters)

How did this pasta journey in Pittsburgh start?

I’ve always enjoyed pasta. I’m from Italy, but I’ve never been crazy about it. I was making fresh pasta for my wife about three or four years ago and for some reason it was really good that night so I really liked it.

I made a serving of pasta every night for 64 days in a row. I go to work 12 hours a day, go home, make a pound of pasta, wake up, distribute it, and go back to work. It was only two and a half months in this cycle, but I got very passionate. At that time I made a decision like, “Yes, this is the path in the food world that I want to focus and mark on.” From then on, it blossomed and became something bigger than this real thing that I myself couldn’t even imagine.

Do you have a favorite pasta shape? Would you like to eat it? What’s your favorite source for pairing?

The shape I like to make is farfalle here, like a fly. [Peters has a tattoo of the pasta shape on his wrist.] I fell in love with it because it was one of the first shapes I learned. I’ve always come back to that. My favorite food is tagliatelle. It’s like fettuccine and my favorite sauce is the classic Bolognese, minced meat sauce.

Peters’ colorful works (📸: Courtesy Ryan Peters)

I know how difficult it is to make pasta. What challenges did you face while making pasta in these unconventional locations?

At this point I’ve made enough stacks to do it with my eyes closed so it’s not even tricky. I have muscle memory so I don’t even have to think about it. These days the fact that we are visiting all of these different places in Pittsburgh has increased and now we are going to different cities across the country. Hence, it is important to get the right ones. Find the right flour, the right eggs and the table. And since I use everything to create video content, I have to consider whether the sun is coming out. You need the right lighting. It’s more than just showing up and making quick batches of pasta.

What’s your favorite place so far?

It’s tough. It was great fun doing this at Heinz Field. I posted the latest with Juju in his apartment on Instagram and TikTok. It was much fun. Each place is special for various reasons. It’s so unconventional that everything I do is part of it. Choosing a favorite is difficult.

Peters on the summit of Mount Washington, his first pasta production (📸: Courtesy Ryan Peters)

What’s your next outlook?

A lot of things happen to me. The main focus is on making this content as big as possible and hitting as many cities, states, landmarks, and stadiums as possible. I started this series from what appears to be a Pittsburgh landmark, but with a desire to go to other cities. It was like, “I was trapped in my house for the last year and I want to travel and see places.” So at first I was selfish and didn’t know what would come of it. But now all these cities, teams and stadiums are turning to me and trying to get me to their city. It’s become a much bigger one that I really enjoy.

What about pasta made on site?

it depends on whether. For example, I made noodles with juju and took them home, rolled them out into sauces and brought them back to him in the evening. But it doesn’t work for some. As with penguins, the day we shot it was 102 degrees outside. Sometimes it can take a long time for the video to try to get all of the correct shots. When we finished, the portion of pasta had just finished. It just depends.

As Pittsburgh, what is your favorite place for dinner in Pittsburgh?

Oh, it’s very difficult. Everyone always asks me that, and there are so many great restaurants. Vermarco It’s one of my favorites on the Strip and across the street Dianoia restaurants Big. You are two favorites.

What about your favorite Pittsburgh entertainment / activity?

I am a huge sports fan. So, you will likely go to sporting events like pirates, penguins, and steelers. Obviously, pirates aren’t too hot this year, and in general. I still enjoy the vibe of Pittsburgh’s sporting culture. Being at PNC Park on Sunday afternoons is a perfect summer day.

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Meet Tik Toker in Pittsburgh and make pasta.

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