Merger between Observer-Reporter, Almanac, Messenger and Herald-Normal accomplished | Native information

The consolidation of resources between the Observer Reporter, The Almanac, Greene County Messenger and Herald-Standard in Uniontown was completed earlier this week when the marketing and advertising functions of the four newspapers were merged.

Over the past few months, the newspapers have shared people and resources across the news, advertising, and sales departments. All four newspapers are owned by Wheeling, Ogden Newspapers from W.Va., and, as General Manager Bob Pinarski pointed out, “We are all under one roof. We now have the advantage of sharing resources across all departments. “

Each newspaper will continue to have its own identity, added Pinarski, “and now we have the opportunity to create synergies across all of our Southwest Pennsylvania markets.”

Other Ogden publications across the country have similar resource-sharing arrangements, Pinarski said, as do newspapers owned and managed by other media companies.

Bringing together the day-to-day functions of the four newspapers makes our media franchise more efficient and effective for our audiences and advertisers, Pinarski said.

The Observer-Reporter and Herald-Standard publish six days a week, while Greene County Messenger and The Almanac publish weekly.

The company also operates Reimagine Main Street, a marketing agency that helps clients seize opportunities in the digital realm. publishes several niche publications; and produces events like the Corks and Kegs Craft Beer Festival and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Truck Festival.

According to Carole DeAngelo, the company’s advertising director, it will provide a one-stop shop for businesses thanks to the division of resources between newspapers.

“This is a tremendous growth opportunity for all of us,” said DeAngelo. “It’s exciting and I’m excited about it.”

DeAngelo continued, “It starts with news and you add all the other ways we tell our story. We are extremely immersed in the communities we serve. With all of our services we can now offer them throughout Southwest Pennsylvania. “

Sharon Wallach, Advertising Director at Herald-Standard, will become the regional advertising director for the four publications. Wallach said, “Everyone at Herald-Standard and Greene County Messenger is excited about the collaboration and the opportunities it will bring. I’m looking forward to leading the regional team and where we can grow from here. “

The core of all publications is to keep readers informed of news, people, and events in their communities. Editor-in-chief Liz Rogers, who leads the news-gathering efforts for the Observer Reporter, Almanac, Herald Standard and Greene County Messenger, said the collaboration between the four companies creates efficiency and “makes us a news-gathering powerhouse in southwest Pennsylvania. ”

Michael Scott, Editor of the Herald Standard, said, “The Herald Standard and Greene County Messenger have enjoyed working with the Observer-Reporter and Almanac over the past few years and believe that this final step has strengthened all four publications. We can now represent all of Southwest Pennsylvania with the largest locally available news and advertising platform. “

Scott added, “The fact that all four publication identities remain independent and allow them to represent their community while taking full advantage of collaboration opportunities is key to moving these publications forward and all readers in southwest Pennsylvania keep up to date. “

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