Metropolis of Pittsburgh: Peduto administration proposes multimodal adjustments to eating places and drive-through utilization


PITTSBURGH, PA (September 13, 2021) The administration of Mayor William Peduto is forwarding legislation to the Planning Commission to promote pedestrian-friendly and safe neighborhoods for all by reducing the impact of vehicle-oriented use of restaurants, with new standards for drive-throughs and updated parking facilities as needed.

The proposed regulation amends the zoning code to create standards that will allow the city to assess and reduce the negative impact of drive-through uses in specific zones, including business districts and others. New drive-through transactions proposed in the areas designated in the ordinance require the approval of the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

In addition to approval by the ZBA, the law stipulates that any person or company that proposes a drive-through business should submit a traffic compatibility study to the Ministry of Mobility and Infrastructure of the City (DOMI). To improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users and motorists, DOMI staff will review each study and encourage the applicant to make the necessary changes to mitigate the adverse impact of vehicle-centric businesses on the surrounding community.

The legislation also reduces the minimum parking requirements and implements the maximum parking requirements for restaurants and fast food restaurants as follows:

In addition to improving safety for users of the surrounding streets, reducing minimum parking requirements and implementing maximum parking requirements simplifies the zoning process for restaurant owners and lowers the costs associated with opening a store.

“In Pittsburgh, over 20% of our residents do not own a car, and a growing number of our neighbors are choosing methods other than driving alone,” said Mayor Peduto. “This sensible and much-needed piece of legislation will modernize our zoning code, update outdated parking regulations, and fuel my administration’s efforts to build safer roads for all users. I applaud the Department of City Planning for their work on this law. ”

The law will be presented to the Urban Planning Commission on Tuesday 14 September. The commission will then act on the proposal at its meeting on Tuesday 28 September before submitting its recommendation to the city council for consideration.

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