Model Holdings, LLC to amass Wholesome Skoop, the third acquisition in 12 months to implement its direct-to-consumer e-commerce technique.

PITTSBURGH – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Brand Holdings, LLC, a holding company focused on acquiring DTC e-commerce businesses in areas including health and wellness, sports nutrition, beauty, and functional foods, today announced the acquisition of Healthy Skoop, a Growth brand known in the vegetable protein powder market from the Seurat Investment Group. This marks the third acquisition for the company supported by Kidd & Company, LLC (“KCO”) and T-street Capital, LLC (“T-street”).

Healthy Skoop, founded by a group of friends led by Dr. James Rouse, a noted medical professional and personality based in Boulder, Colorado, is a company whose mission is to make great tasting herbal products simple and easy choices to help people lead healthy lives every day.

The first acquisition, Dr. Emil Nutrition, a leading provider of a portfolio of health and wellness nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products for enthusiastic athletes and everyday consumers, supported by the scientific background of Dr. Emil Hodzovic, was completed in June. 2020.

The second acquisition, Simple Botanics, was then completed in March 2021.

Brand Holdings is partnered with Dr. James are teaming up to launch a new presence today for the brand at with an assortment of breakfast protein powders – vegetable proteins paired with prebiotics, probiotics and numerous vitamins and minerals – their very popular Daily Proteins.

“As the world opens again and our customers’ busy lifestyles begin again, providing them with an easy way to meet their daily needs for plant proteins, vitamins and minerals is a priority and we are excited about the opportunity to do so guide the future growth of a company with products as strong as Healthy Skoop, ”said Jeffrey R. Hennion, Chairman & CEO of Brand Holdings. “We are pleased to now with Dr. James to work together to accelerate the growth of Healthy Skoop for its legions of fans in the United States. ”

Dr. James Rouse, one of the original founders of Healthy Skoop, commented, “I’m very excited to be partnering with Brand Holdings. Healthy Skoop started in my kitchen to serve my patients and has now grown far beyond what I expected. ”Dr. Rouse continued, “Our commitment to quality, taste and experience has always been the foundation of our brand, and this relationship with Brand Holdings will ensure that we have the honor of continuing to serve our passionate Healthy Skoop community.”

“We have always been very proud of the quality of the Healthy Skoop product line,” said Adam Greenberger, Managing Partner of Seurat Capital, “and we look forward to the bright future of the brand and the continued growth of the company, Jeff and the team at Brand Holdings brings. ”

Gerry DeBiasi, Partner at KCO, commented: “We see Healthy Skoop as a strong brand with excellent products that will serve as strong leverage points in building marketing and sales.”

Dale Cheney, Managing Partner at T-street, added, “With this third acquisition in the Brand Holdings portfolio in less than a year of the company’s inception, we are looking at both the individual strengths of these brands and the individual strengths of the company Looking forward to the future and the economies of scale of the merger under the umbrella of Brand Holdings. ”

About brand investments

Brand Holdings, LLC, a holding company focused on acquiring DTC e-commerce businesses in health and wellness, sports nutrition, beauty and functional foods, and other categories, is backed by Kidd & Co and T-street Capital . Brand Holdings, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, operates two e-commerce brands: Dr. Emil Nutrition and Simple Botanics.

Dr. Emil Nutrition is a leading provider of a portfolio of health and wellness nutritional supplements as well as sports nutrition products for both enthusiastic athletes and everyday consumers, based on the scientific background of Dr. Emil Hodzovic and has developed a scientifically based approach to dietary supplements by using the brands.

Founded by Kimberly Crupi Dobbins, Simple Botanics is a company founded on the belief that delicious and beneficial treats don’t have to be complicated. This passion fueled the desire to generate clean energy from simple, unprocessed ingredients. Today Simple Botanics realizes this vision in the form of herbal teas, botanical teas and organic bars.

About Kidd & Company

Kidd & Company, LLC (KCO), based in Old Greenwich, CT, is the private equity investment arm of the Kidd Family Office. KCO dates back to 1976 when the company’s founding partner, William Kidd, made its first private equity investment. Today, KCO sponsors control lower middle class equity investments, where the complementary skills and experience of the company’s partners can be used to create significant value over time. KCO implements its thesis-driven approach in order to achieve above-the-market growth in sales and earnings, both organically and through value-adding acquisitions. The diverse skills of the company’s partners enable KCO to bring in management, operations, sales and marketing, corporate finance and M&A expertise to significantly increase the overall value of its investments. More information is available at

About T-Street Capital

T-street is an independent investment company whose primary role is to work with founders and management teams to support the growth and strategic development of small and medium-sized businesses with a focus on emerging consumer goods brands. The team has a diverse background in consumer investment and operational expertise that can be helpful in providing a flexible and bespoke equity solution for accelerated expansion. T-street’s consumer-centric categories include food and beverage, health and wellness, active lifestyle, fitness and nutrition, leisure and entertainment, and beauty and personal care. T-street was founded in 2013 by general partner Dale Cheney. You can find more information about T-Street at

About Seurat Capital

Seurat Capital, LLC (Seurat), headquartered in South Norwalk, CT, is the private equity investment arm of Seurat Group Inc. Leveraging the collective knowledge, experience and team of the leading consumer goods consultancy (CPG), Seurat Group; Seurat Capital makes investments that are much more than just capital in challenger brands. Seurat helps its portfolio brands realize exponential growth, drawing on strategic operating, marketing and sales principles developed over 25 years of experience working with leading CPG brands around the world. Further information is available at

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