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PITTSBURGH – Local businesses are concerned as vacancies remain unfilled

Several North Hills business owners told Channel 11 that employee hiring was worse than ever. Either nobody is applying or nobody shows up for an interview.

Like many other jobs, Chuck’s Autobody Shop in McCandless is looking for qualified employees, but none are applying. Now they have to turn customers away because they don’t have enough staff.

“What happens is people either come in with a wrecked car or they have to fix a car, and we can’t schedule them for three or four weeks,” said owner Chuck Eyerman.

Right next door, The Fade Shop is urgently looking for hairdressers.

The owner shared a job posting on Facebook. So far there have been 4,500 calls, but not a single application.

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“When we return to school, everyone is booking, it was super busy. We’re trying to accommodate everyone, but it’s super hard, ”explained owner Jessica Cardella.

A few minutes away, Luciano’s restaurant in McCandless has permanently closed due to labor shortages, a family business that has been around for about 35 years.

“It is impossible because there are no workers and they have made it a bidding war for wages. I mean, we’ve always paid more for our staff than for other restaurants, but now it’s ridiculous because there is such a shortage, ”said owner Ester McLaughlin.

They told Channel 11 that their location in Cranberry Township is barely holding out.

Over at A-Comfort Services, they have been inundated with repairs to heating and air conditioning as many people are spending more time at home due to the pandemic.

Co-owner Todd Rhule says they actually got applications, but at least a dozen no-shows for interviews.

“We really believe it has something to do with the unemployment system and their inability to respond to claims made by people that they are looking for work.”

At the moment, employees are working overtime and sometimes on weekends. Owners fear their workers will be burned out if they don’t hire soon.

With extra unemployment benefits ending on Saturday, every business owner we’ve spoken to is hoping more people will apply for jobs and get a job right away.

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