North Braddock Mayoral Candidate Accused of Beating Mom and Daughter – CBS Pittsburgh

NORTH BRADDOCK, Pennsylvania (KDKA) – The Democratic nominee for North Braddock mayor was arrested following a reported domestic incident.

A mother and daughter claim they were beaten by Cletus Lee, the Democratic candidate for the district mayor’s office.

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(Photo credit: KDKA)

Lee came out of the police station Tuesday night after being detained for hours after the reported incident.

Lee’s family and a political supporter said this was not the character of the man they know. They stood outside the police station for hours to speak on his behalf.

“He’s got some resistance,” said North Braddock Council’s Lisa Franklin-Robinson. “He would be the first elected black mayor of North Braddock, and there were rumors that they really don’t want him to take office. He would make a lot of changes, especially with the police. So I really hope things are handled in a manner of integrity. “

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“He campaigned well because everyone loves him,” said Lee Davis, the candidate’s cousin. “He grew up here, he’s from here. I just know him as a good person and always looking for community. “

A woman who refused to go on camera told KDKA that she was romantically involved with Lee and thought she saw him with another woman on Tuesday.

She told KDKA that she got angry and pushed Lee, who she claims hit her and her daughter.

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There is reportedly a video of the incident. KDKA is waiting to find out the official charges against Lee.

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