North Hills man arrested by FBI-Pittsburgh in reference to U.S. Capitol riot – WPXI

GLENSHAW, Pennsylvania – A man from Glenshaw was arrested by the FBI Pittsburgh Friday morning on federal charges related to the Jan. 6 riots in the U.S. Capitol, authorities said.

Robert Morss was identified through videos and photos, some of which were taken near the national monument before the Capitol was stormed.

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A video allegedly shows Morss “near the front line of rioters who pushed past the police guarding the Capitol, organized a shield wall in the violent attack on officers in the Lower West Terrace tunnel, and entered the Capitol through a broken window” , reported a criminal complaint.

At one point while trying to break through a fence outside the Capitol, Morss was seen grabbing an officer’s baton and trying to rip it away, the complaint said. He later yelled into the crowd, telling people to forego police shields in order to build a shield wall.

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Investigators said the broken window Morss climbed through led to a hidden congressional office, even though it was “not specially assigned” that day.

Morss is charged with assaulting, resisting, or obstructing certain officers or employees, as well as civil unrest, theft of personal property from the United States, and obstruction of official trial.

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