Nurses within the Pittsburgh space are calling on lawmakers to boost the minimal wage. Quick finish 48 hours – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Friday was the last day of a 48-hour fast in Bloomfield that was attended by a group of caregivers.

They believe lawmakers who call them health heroes must put their money where their mouth is and raise the minimum wage.

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“We are health heroes and it is time we were respected, protected and paid for for what we deserve,” said Caregiver Kearni Warren.

Her message was loud and clear. The fast came as Congress debated the American Rescue Plan Act, which could raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15.

“We want to shed some light on them, get them to put their foot in the fire and do what they say,” said supervisor Francis Adams. “It gets really frustrating when we support politicians who don’t support us.”

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The pandemic has spawned many home family carers who now understand what it is like. Those who do it as a profession make an average of $ 12 an hour in Pennsylvania. Warren said that was not a livable wage and why they turned to drastic measures.

“Will I buy groceries or pay a bill? Will I eat today or do I go without eating? “Warren said.” These are the tough decisions caregivers make behind the scenes. “

She believes that everyone deserves the right to a livable wage. This group hopes that what they do will pave a better path for future caregivers.

The group says this is not the end of their activism, just the beginning. During the fast, they met with local lawmakers to discuss what could be done in and around Pittsburgh.

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They hope this call to action will stimulate conversation about paying people for what they are worth.

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