Oceanfront Scott Cottage welcomes sixth era to Bethany | Way of life

The Scott Cottage, located at 99 Parkwood Street in Bethany Beach, is among the historic Bethany Beach homes and cottages being featured on the 4th Annual Historic Coastal Towns Cottage Tour on Saturday, Oct. 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Annie, Maze, Bell and Dee Scott — affectionally called “the Sisters” — were from Pittsburgh and were friends with the Drexlers, also from Pittsburgh. (The Drexler house is also on the tour.) Annie Scott, Bell Scott Heiber and Maze Scott Taylor had this cottage built in 1928 by a local man who made chicken coops. Dee chose to build a home in Miami Springs.

The cottage is still owned by the original family, hosting six generations who enjoy its beautiful oceanfront view. You will see a sign with the house’s nickname “ScoHeiTay” (the sisters’ last names abbreviated) honoring them.

The house retains two built-in corner cupboards in the dining room, its hardwood floors, the fireplace in the living room, and a pass-through to allow air to flow from the front door to the kitchen. It was built with indoor plumbing and was one of the only cottages at that time to have closets built in.

The cottage’s boardwalk has washed into the house during several storms, including the 1992 storm, after which the family added a new deck on the front. The kitchen was remodeled after 2000 but retains the essence of the old cottage. Many pieces of furniture are from the original cottage, such as the handsome ice box, desk and a hidden safe upstairs in which the family would keep not only their own valuables, but also money from their friend’s restaurant, the Holiday House.

The current owner, John Spargo, recalls that, when he was 12 years old, in 1950, he purchased a metal detector, excited to find treasure on the beach. He laughed, recalling that he mainly found a lot of bobby pins, but once did uncover an antique gas sign.

The extended family has enjoyed many family reunions on the Fourth of July weekend, and riding in the Bethany Beach Fourth of July Parade.

Through the years, the owners have kept a guestbook in which friends express their delight at visiting. Quotes from a page in 1930, “I’m spoiled now. Don’t wanna go home.” and “We’re coming back!” express how folks back in the day felt about Bethany Beach — sentiments people still share to this day.

A limited number of tickets are available for the Historic Coastal Towns Cottage Tour. They can be purchased at Made By Hand (Route 1, South Bethany), Gallery One (Route 26, Ocean View), Bethany Beach Books (downtown Bethany Beach), Bethany Beach Town Hall (on the day of the tour only) and online at www.thequietresorts.com. Tickets cost $25 each, and proceeds support the developing Coastal Towns Museum at 40 West Avenue in Ocean View.

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