Okorafor values ​​the NFL’s enterprise as Zach Banner is anticipated to return: “You need to show your self with each snap”

Either in that next game or in the game after that, the Pittsburgh Steelers should attack Zach Banner again on the 53-man roster. Its 21 day activation window closes mid-week next week so it will either be activated from the reserve / injured list or it will stay there and there is nothing physically to suggest that it should not be activated.

What comes next is much less clear. On the offensive line, rookie Dan Moore Jr. settled in on the left tackle, and Chukwuma Okorafor resumed his duties on the right, where Banner was supposed to begin. In fact, he manages one of the better games of his career when he works against Von Miller and the Denver Broncos. But Okorafor doesn’t care what comes next.

“Everyone here knows it’s a business. You have to prove yourself with every snapshot, in every game, whether it’s me or Zach, ”he told reporters today after training when he was asked how Banner’s return could affect his role. “I just do what I’m told. If I’m told to play left this week, I’ll play left. If I’m told to play guard this week, I’ll play guard. I do what I am told ”.

He said he got the “1000 percent” out of his head, even though he said he saw some snapshots of the left tackle during training last week. Okorafor was supposed to start with the left tackle before Banner was put on the reserve / injured list, which prompted the coaches to move him back to the right so Moore could play where he was more comfortable.

As anyone who’s following the team knows, the line has certainly had its growing pains, and even in that final game of helping Najee Harris walk back 100 yards and providing solid pass protection, it was well worth a lot of tape after Seek improvement.

Will the line be tinkered with in the next game or two? That depends, of course, on whether or not they determine that Banner is one of their top five linemen, even if the correct tackle figures are the only point he’s even considered for.

As far as I know, Okorafor has never played a role as a security guard so I don’t see that happening suddenly. I’m also not sure if the team will knock Moore out of the starting XI as he has shown progress in the first five games of his career, although he could certainly use some weight in his pants in a bull run

“You have to ask Coach,” said Mike Tomlin, Okorafor, when asked what the plan was for the next tackle positions. “I have no idea,” he added whether or not he might end up on the left side of the line, admitting that it would take repetitions to get comfortable there.

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