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The distance between Pittsburgh and the heart of the high-tech world is now a little shorter.

OneValley, formerly GSVLabs (Global Silicon Valley Labs), is opening an innovation center in Pittsburgh near Hazelwood Green this summer. The coworking, event and accelerator room will be housed in the Roundhouse, a remnant of the site’s former LTV steelworks. OneValley’s mission is to help Pittsburgh startups connect with capital, talent networks, and customers around the world – and provide them with a physical, supportive place where they can grow and thrive.

To introduce themselves to the Pittsburgh startup ecosystem, they are announcing the $ 50,000 Pittsburgh Startup Challenge. Applications for startups are possible until March 31st. Companies of all phases and industries are welcome to apply.

The Roundhouse in Hazelwood Green will soon house the OneValley Innovation Center. Rendering courtesy of GBBN Architects.

Pittsburgh was selected as OneValley’s third physical location outside of Silicon Valley, after one in Boston that had to close due to Covid.

Of course, the Pittsburgh to Silicon Valley pipeline is already well established. There are several Pittsburgh expats who work for OneValley and have spoken about the city, its technical transformation, and its potential.

“About three years ago we went to a lot of different markets and spent time in Pittsburgh,” said Alec Wright, OneValley’s chief innovation officer. “We saw some of the raw technical talent that has certainly emerged from Carnegie Mellon and many other places … and frankly we were excited about it.”

“We just got really convinced that in five or eight years the Pittsburgh innovation ecosystem will be very different from what it is today and that there will be a tremendous amount of opportunity,” he adds.

OneValley has also developed a locally focused Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Platform. It is being drawn for $ 500,000 from the Richard King Mellon Foundation and is local partnered with East Liberty’s corporate hub, Ascender.

It’s an extension of the OneValley Passport Initiative, an online resource hub that connects Pittsburgh startups with a huge network of resources, mentors, investors, business tool savings, and other vital resources. It kicks off in April and all Pittsburgh Startup Challenge participants will have access to it.

“There are approximately 40,000 entrepreneurs around the world who are members of this community,” says Wright. “It’s a great global ecosystem.”

Pittsburgh is just one bright star in a global constellation of corporate energy.

“Six million tech startups were founded around the world last year,” says Wright. “The growth in countries like India, East Asia and Africa is just amazing. We could open 1,000 physical centers around the world, and we wouldn’t even scratch the surface of entrepreneurs and startups that we know are out there. And so we simply made the decision that we can expand digitally in addition to the physical spaces if we really want to meet founders where they are – which is everywhere today. “

Representation of the roundhouse interior courtesy of GBBN Architects.

There will be a free version of the Pittsburgh Entrepreneurship Platform that anyone can participate in, with learning content and events and activities focused on Pittsburgh. Premium membership offers access to all mentor and investor communities in the network.

This premium upgrade includes confirmation that you are a Pittsburgh based company and available to members thanks to support from the RK Mellon Foundation at a highly subsidized rate of $ 100-150 per year.

“When you join OneValley, you get access to massive savings on everything from cloud hosting to payment processing,” Wright says. The aim is to put all the resources that young entrepreneurs need in one place.

The Pittsburgh Startup Challenge isn’t just limited to AI, robotics, or medicine. Startups of all kinds are invited to apply.

The best 8-10 startup finalists will be offered an extended period of free space at OneValley Pittsburgh.

Once completed, OneValley will occupy around 30,000 square meters of office space on the building’s two floors.

The roundhouse under construction. Photo by Tracy Certo.

Semi-finals for the Pittsburgh Startup Challenge will take place throughout May. A pitch challenge will take place at the opening of the OneValley Innovation Center this summer (depending on Covid).

Other OneValley locations come about through partnerships in London and China, which have been interrupted due to Covid.

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