Over / Beneath Week 14 – Josh Allen

Will the Bills QB score a hat trick in the end zone at SNF against the Steelers?

Video transcript

– – And it’s Josh Allen. We’re going to put the line at 2.5 touchdowns here. That’s the combined touchdowns, okay? So fast, over. That’s all part of the equation here. You know that with Josh Allen.

And I don’t care about the Steelers defense. I’ll go into this one. And the biggest reason is that we’re seeing some cracks in this Steelers defense. Number one, we know Bud Dupree, her star pass rusher across from TJ Watt, he’s out of the mix.

Robert Spillane, who replaced Devin Bush as coverage linebacker, is gone. Vince Williams on the COVID list. And that’s why Logan Thomas, JD McKissic, those guys, the last time we saw the Steelers, ran free across the middle of the field.

I think that’s going to be the case with Josh Allen. The Cole Beasley connection is alive and well. And really, all year round you could pick the Steelers in the middle. The sixth largest shipyards are allowed to use receivers during the season.

So I’m going over there clearly. And I know Tank is a handsome and smart man. You obviously agree with me. Please tell me why.

– – Absolutely not. You know I’m going down So you’re trying to set me up with a banana in the exhaust. And you have to see what you’re doing too, Harmon. You are emotionally invested in Josh Allen. So you’re trying to see things that really don’t happen.

The Steeler defense is tough on quarterbacks and really tough on fancy quarterbacks. Josh Allen has only exceeded that number in two of his last eight games. And look at it, Pittsburgh’s defense kept Tannehill, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson on that number.

I don’t think they will have any problem keeping Josh Allen below that number, especially if they suffered a heavy loss to Washington. I’m definitely going under.

– – OK number one, how dare you say this is an emotional argument? It is clearly a very logical argument. Liz, save me here. Please tell me … tell me we’re looking into this.

The story goes on

– – You know, I’ll just set it up that way. So on Friday I opened a beautiful bottle of GSM. I’ll let the baby ventilate. It was wonderful. I drank a little too fast.

And I fired a hot “Star Wars” recording. It was well thought out, but my mentions can’t go on. So I’m not going to mess with an anti-Josh Allen take. Thank you Andy Behrens for teaching me this lesson.

I will do that. Matt Harmon mentioned all of the Steelers’ injuries. He missed one, Joe Haden. Here’s how to do it. Stefon Diggs finds the end zone. You have Dawson Knox.

Because of the tight end flaws and linebacking issues the Steelers are dealing with, you’ll be better able to find the end zone. And then you’ll see Josh Allen running into you too.

No, I didn’t stutter. Lamar Jackson ran 65 yards against the Steelers, as did RG3. RG3 manages 68 rushing yards against this defense. I’ll take care of that and a very wonderful twitter feed. Many thanks.

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