Pandemic job losses disproportionately have an effect on ladies – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As the pandemic increases, this also affects the labor market.

Women, especially women of the same color, were extremely severely affected by the end of 2020.

“African American and Hispanic women are harder hit by the pandemic,” said Risa Kumazawa, an economics professor at Duquesne University. “So your unemployment figures were higher.”

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the loss of 140,000 net jobs in December.

By adding lost and gained jobs for women, they lost a total of 156,000 jobs.

Using the same math for men, they won 16,000 net jobs in male-dominated industries like construction.

That doesn’t mean men didn’t lose jobs in December, but adding jobs that were won and lost for both men and women, men added jobs together while women lost them.

Kumazawa says typical female-dominated industries like hospitality and leisure had a difficult December as cases of COVID-19 increased and tighter restrictions were put in place in many areas.

“These women made up a large part of these low-wage hospitality jobs, so restaurants and some other jobs have been hardest hit,” she said.

Tightened restrictions in Pennsylvania included indoor dining and entertainment, as well as reduced gathering sizes for most of December.

In addition, women often take on most of the childcare responsibilities in a household.

With many children still learning from home, Tanya Vokes-Mallory, CEO of Dress For Success Pittsburgh, says many women are forced to choose between work or home with their children.

“The numbers are not good,” she said. “One in four women is leaving or is currently considering leaving the workforce.”

Dress for Success is a nonprofit that brings together women in need of professional clothing and employment resources.

According to Vokes-Mallory, after a year of difficult women and jobs, Dress for Success is becoming increasingly important.

They have also moved their operations to a virtual format.

“Women come to us who probably thought they would never need the services of Dress for Success because people are downsizing and letting go very quickly across the region,” she said.

Dress for Success has locations in Allegheny, Butler, Fayette, and Washington Counties.

You can learn more about Dress for Success on their website.

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