Particular safety for “Penny” medical insurance ends at midnight – CBS Pittsburgh

Posted by: KDKA-TV News Staff

Harrisburg (KDKA) – Clocks are ticking for people to get more affordable health insurance for pennies.

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The special COVID-19 registration deadline ends at midnight.

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More than 60,000 people have registered since the registration period began in February.

“Penny provides funding to 90 percent of the 335,000 or so Pennsylvanians enrolled today. Average post-grant premiums are down to $ 86 per month, nearly half the average year-to-date premiums. “That was it,” said Penny Director Zack Sherman.

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If you fail to sign up by midnight, you will have to wait until Penny’s next open sign up period, unless there is a Qualifying Life Event in the meantime.

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