Paveron reveals how Venezuelan meals matches into the consolation zone of Pittsburgh. Meals | Pittsburgh

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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

Pave John Criolo bowl

While some think Latin American food is too exotic and adventurous for Pittsburgh’s tastes, Banksville’s popular Venezuelan restaurant, Paveron, shows how comfortable and friendly the food is. .. Fried yucca resembles Pittsburgh’s beloved french fries, arepa cake resembles cornbread, and Pave John Criolo should be lightly hugged in insor.

Pave John Criolo is a traditional Venezuelan dish that is paired with shredded beef that is steamed with rice and beans. The dish is usually served with fried plantain slices and / or fried eggs.

The South American staple food doesn’t disappoint at Pabellón Venezuelan & Mexican Cuisine. I ordered Pave John Criolo and lots of starters and side dishes to compare how the restaurant’s Venezuelan food compares to other dishes I’ve had in the past. It met and exceeded my expectations.

Pave John Criolo was the protagonist of the meal. The meat had an incredibly thick taste, like a pot roast slowly cooked with just pepper and spices. The taste is similar to fine beef jerky, but is still juicy. Just dip the fork.

The rice that went with it was flavorful in itself, but not overwhelming. The same goes for black beans. Both added the necessary moisture and texture to the dish. Rice and beans are a trial and error diet for some reason.

It looks like a burrito bowl, but the subtle taste of rice and the addition of fried plantain is different, and if it’s too thick, the sweetness of caramel is added; the rest of the juice is a little sweet too and can be wiped off like a biscuit arepa cake.

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CP Photo: Ryan Deto

Venezuelan appetizer tasting plate

It’s hard to imagine that the people of Pittsburgh don’t enjoy Paveron’s deep-fried cassava. Paveron’s fried cassava is crispy around the edges and has the perfect amount of fluff in the center. It looks like a hearty french fry, but it’s very friendly. They mix well with the sour cream sauce that is served on the Venezuelan mixing platter.

Other items on the plate were empanadas, tequeños, arepas, and tostones. Twice-Fried Psyllium Slices by Tostones are sweet, crispy, and rich, but balanced with salty cheese and a rich pink sauce called Salsa Rosada.

I’m sure Pittsburgh residents will love tequeño. They are soft buttered pastries that resemble crescent-shaped buns and contain salty and melting mozzarella cheese. Very rich, but soaked in a spicy guasakaka sauce based on avocado for the perfect balance.

The entire meal was washed down with juice made from sour and creamy apple-flavored tropical fruit, guanabana, also known as soursop. The hot summer nights were very sour and perfect. It was like a finished flavor mocktail. .

Overall, Paveron is a very friendly restaurant that serves Pittsburgh with some unique dishes. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in the world of South American cuisine, which is not that different from North American cuisine.

Paveron Venezuelan and Mexican cuisine. 2957 Banksville Road, Banksville.

Paveron shows how Venezuelan food fits into the comfort zone of Pittsburgh. Food | Pittsburgh

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