Pennsylvania Senator candidate Val Arkuche talks to Pittsburgh concerning the significance of defending entry to abortion | Information | Pittsburgh

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After the US Supreme Court’s decision not to block Six-Week Abortion Ban Act in TexasAccess supporters in favor of abortion have spoken nationwide about the need to protect the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking 7-2 US Supreme Court ruling that the Constitution said it would provide. Access to abortion..

Two of them are from Pittsburgh and held a roundtable meeting with the US Senator on Friday, September 3. Val Arkuche (D-Montgomery) Share their story. Arkoosh, a doctor and commissioner of Montgomery County, called on the US Senate to codify Roe V. Wade into federal law. This is what the US House of Representatives is currently considering.

FoxChapel’s Kelsey Leigh talked about her experience and shared the story of her visit to a doctor for a standard 20-week ultrasound in February 2016. She is pregnant with her second child and had a healthy pregnancy until then. However, ultrasonography revealed that his son’s feet, hands, wrists, and arms were club-shaped. This indicated that the baby was not moving at all and had systemic neurological problems.

Pennsylvania law Allows abortion for up to 23 weeks and 6 days.. After that, abortion is allowed if the life or health of the pregnant person is at stake. And with a complete genetic test for fetal abnormalities taking about two weeks, she was already facing a tight deadline to make a decision. Eventually, Lee chose to have an abortion.

“If he had taken his son to his term, he wouldn’t have been breathtaking,” said Lee, the storyteller of the Pennsylvania Plan Custody.

She said Pennsylvania law is far less stringent than the new Texas law, but it still carries hurdles. And she says a six-week abortion ban is in a Pennsylvania book if it’s essentially an abortion ban because most pregnant people don’t know they’re pregnant until six weeks later. I add that. Have an abortion. ” (Gestational age is measured by the first day of the last period of a pregnant person, that is, when a person becomes pregnant with a baby, they are already pregnant for two weeks.)

“It feels more dire than ever. I really believe these laws are being driven by a few enthusiasts,” Lee said. “We have to tell people our story, and we can’t allow these laws to stand in Texas and come to places like Pennsylvania.”

Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolfe (D-York) Vowed to refuse any efforts to further limit federal abortion law..according to October 2020 Poll from Franklin & Marshall University, 32% of Pennsylvania believe that abortion should be legal in all situations, 51% believe that it should be legal in certain circumstances, only 16% believe that abortion should be legal in all situations I believe that should be illegal.

Whitney Joson of Pittsburgh said Ban Like the people of Texas, they do not consider the lives of pregnant people, and most abortions that occur later in their language are highly desirable abortions, and the choice to have an abortion is about safety. Thing.

Arkoosh said it would have jeopardized their health if both of these women had been forced to become pregnant by law like Texas. Approved by Emily’s List, a large national political organization that supports female candidates who support the right to abortion, Arkoosh leveraged her medical experience when she was elected to the US Senate. He said he would focus on protecting access to abortion. Country.

“At this point, we need a strong advocate for women’s right to give birth in the Senate,” said Arkoosh. “And as a doctor, mom, and woman, I believe that person.”

Pennsylvania Senator candidate Val Arkuche talks to Pittsburgh about the importance of protecting access to abortion | News | Pittsburgh

Source link Pennsylvania Senator candidate Val Arkuche talks to Pittsburgh about the importance of protecting access to abortion | News | Pittsburgh

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