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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) – Republicans who control Pennsylvania’s parliament were turned down Tuesday by Democrats and certain vetoes from Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, but restricted abortion and expanded gun rights. Started developing the Hot Button Bill for.

At the House Health Commission, Republicans have passed two party-line laws to further restrict abortion rights.

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When such a bill is first passed by a Pennsylvania parliamentary commission, abortion will be limited after the fetal heartbeat is determined. The exception is when it is medically necessary to protect the mother.

This bill is similar to bills in more than 12 other states that can ban abortion as early as 6 weeks after the fetal heartbeat, before many women find out they are pregnant. Federal courts usually prevent states from implementing similar measures.

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Other laws prohibit abortion based on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Such laws have been foiled by federal courts in every state where they have been challenged in recent years, and Governor Tom Wolf opposed the same or similar in 2019.

However, the judicial appointment of former President Donald Trump has begun to allow enforcement of such laws.

The House Justice Committee also voted on a weapons law on Tuesday.

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