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Wellsboro, PA (KDKA) – What’s easy to get to by car from Pittsburgh?

So why not consider Pennsylvania Wild?

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It is the north central part of the state and is made up of 12 counties that make up only 10% of the state’s population.

In other words, there are plenty of Pennsylvania to explore, many of which are forest areas.

Did you know Pennsylvania has the Grand Canyon?

Pine Creek Gorge runs 47 miles on the Allegheny Plateau in Tioga State Forest Park. Look for Wellsboro on the map.

Michael Chapaloney is the executive director of Pennsylvania Tourism.

“There are two state parks next to the canyon created by Pine Creek, which offers a really incredible VISTA. I go from time to time and in the fall, ”he recommends.

It’s not just about hiking, cycling and camping destinations. “There’s a covered wagon on the bottom of the ravine, and it’s great fun because the horses pull it.”

Wilds is home to the largest elk population in North America. They don’t call it “Elk County”.

“They are so abundant that you are very likely to see them,” says Chaparony.

If you find the deer nearby and attractive, wait to see the moose.

“The difference is about £ 500,” explains Chapaloney. “That said, it ranges from £ 6 to £ 700.”

They don’t call them bulls or cows for no reason.

Speaking of animals, Penns Cave near State College has plenty to see in person nearby. And there is a cave.

“The only cave in the United States that can be visited by boat,” says Chaparon. “It’s very popular with school classes, so I definitely think it’s child-friendly.”

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Of course there is also the Kinzua Bridge.

“The Kinzua Railway Bridge was the tallest and longest bridge in the world until it was hit by a tornado and destroyed the central part,” says Chaparon. “Now you have an incredible Skywalk experience.”

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Finally, you can look out of sight from 600 feet.

On the west end of Wild is Punxsutawney, which Chaparony says is over February 2nd. Of course you can visit Phil in the library in the center of town, but over the knobs … “The Gobler’s Knob leads you to hiking and biking trails.”

There is also a Marmot Wine Trail that leads to Wild’s “Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries Really Created”.

There are plenty of accommodations along the I-80 corridor, but there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and rustic inns in the scattered small towns.

If you’re not into the outdoors… “There are artists in these different cities. The food scene is really amazing. There is everything from fine steaks to real elk burgers. “Says Chaparon.

Of course, the Little League World Series is held in Williamsport, and there are websites you can watch even when the game isn’t on.

And if you like starry nights, you should list Cherry Spring Spark.

Located in the middle of Tioga Forest, there isn’t much to see during the day, but at night Chaparony says, “The experience of lying in the fields of Cherry Springs is breathtaking.”

People from all over the world come to see the sky.

“Light pollution is almost zero and only the natural setting around Cherry Springs is an international attraction,” he says.

One of the expert suggestions is to visit during the “new moon cycle” without moonlight. Also, check the weather forecast and record a night when the sky is clear.

Cherry Springs is near Coudersport, about a three and a half hour drive from Pittsburgh.

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Pennsylvania Wild has a lot to offer the kids in the family. You need to plan a little in advance. To check everything you can go to Visit PA’s website.

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