Picklesburgh is again, Smiley Cookie Milk debuts and extra iconic Pittsburgh Meals Information

This item is filled with more Pittsburgh food than a Giant Eagle buggy on double voucher day. Jet jet?

Picklesburgh is back!

Picklesburgh returns to Andy Warhol Bridge August 20-22.

Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the event organizer, is expecting large crowds, so the celebrations are likely to take place on Ft. Duquesne Boulevard.

A range of dill-edible products awaits visitors, including cucumber cocktails and cucumber beer, as well as live music, pickling demonstrations, a cucumber juice drinking competition, and a Li’l Gherkins KidsPlay area. Interested providers can apply online.

Photo courtesy Picklesburgh.

Founded in 2015, Picklesburgh has twice been named the best specialty food festival in the country by USA Today.

“A signature event for Pennsylvania and the city of Pittsburgh, Picklesburgh draws thousands of visitors from near and far and is an exceptional way to highlight all that Downtown has to offer as a travel destination,” said Jeremy Waldrup, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership . “After a very challenging 2020, in which even the Heinz Pickle balloon popped over the holidays, we couldn’t be happier to deliver this great news, inflate the beloved balloon again and welcome everyone back to our home again to eat ‘Brine and Dine’ this August! “

Photo courtesy Eat’n Park.

Eat ‘n Park and Turner Dairy release Smiley Cookie Milk

“I think everyone should have yinz,” says Pittsburgh Dad after taking a sip of Smiley Cookie Milk. “It’s damn good isn’t it!”

Today Eat’n Park and Turner Dairy introduced Smiley Cookie Milk to the masses.

By the end of summer, you can have a pint and a half gallon at all Eat’n Park restaurants and select Giant Eagle and GetGo locations in the area. On July 16, the udder-delicious drink will be available wherever Turner Dairy products are sold.

Amanda Giacobbi with Eat’n Park watches Curt Wootton (aka Pittsburgh Dad) take a sip of Smiley Cookie Milk. Photo by Kristy Locklin.

“Smiley Cookie Milk tastes like dipping a smiley cookie in milk without the risk of crumbling,” said Amanda Giacobbi, restaurant marketing director for the Eat’n Park Hospitality Group. “We are proud to expand our 30 year partnership with Turner Dairy Farms. Now our legendary, Pittsburgh-based brands have come together again to give Pittsburghers of all ages a smile. “

In the mood for more smiley goodness? Eat’n Park recently partnered with Millie’s Ice Cream to create a smiley cookie flavor that is exclusive to Kennywood Park.

Sign the Heinz Hot Dog Pact petition

Heinz is open about hot dogs and rolls.

Weiner makers sell their products in packs of 10, while there are only eight rolls in a bag. This puts consumers in a pickle, as evidenced by Steve Martin’s grocery freaking out in 1991’s “The Bride’s Father”.

The Heinz Hot Dog Pact is a plea for companies to streamline their efforts and sell their products in equal quantities. If you take the opportunity to comment on the matter, sign the online petition, which at the time of going to press has already garnered over 5,000 electronic signatures.

Why is everyone talking about the Pittsburgh-based company about this relationship issue?

Because Heinz makes “the spice that has brought food together for over 150 years”. International pop stars also love the cult brand ketchup.

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