Pit Bull Rescue from Pittsburgh is celebrating its 10th anniversary

Biggie’s Bullies is celebrating the opening of their new headquarters with an outdoor event.


B.Iggie’s Bullies, the Pittsburgh-based pit bull rescue organization, turns ten and is celebrating Saturday, April 17th with an event at their new headquarters in the South Side Slopes.

Biggie’s Bullies is a 100% voluntary rescue operation. Since opening in 2011, volunteers have rescued and rehabilitated more than 120 pit bull dogs.

“When I was 21 years old, I was working at the local animal shelter and there was simply a need to get dogs out of animal shelters,” says founder Alli Stetz. “My biggest thing was getting these dogs out of this situation and taking them to foster homes where they were more invited to be themselves rather than in such a stressful situation.”

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In addition to rescuing dogs, the nonprofit has also created programs such as Hungry Hippos pet food pantry and the Freedom Harness Exchange Program. During the pandemic, Biggie worked with the Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Association to provide pet food to unemployed restaurant workers.

“We made about 15,000 pounds of dry food and 8,000 cans of wet food in 2020, and that was only for workers who were unemployed in restaurants or bars.” says Stetz. “We did about another 10,000 with people who just emailed us about food.”

To celebrate its new location, Biggie’s is holding a street sale from 12pm to 4pm. Participants will have the opportunity to meet some of the adoptable dogs and purchase goods to support the organization. The event also features a street on the fly food truck and the chance to pamper your own pup with a $ 10 nail cut from Courtney’s Dog Grooming.

Please visit the website for more information biggiesbullies.com.

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