Pitt-Bradford Acknowledged in Eight Fields by Schools of Distinction | way of life

BRADFORD – For the seventh consecutive year, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford has been named a College of Distinction and recognized in seven separate areas.

Colleges of Distinction is an online college student guide that highlights student-centered schools that are often overlooked in traditional rankings.

In addition to universal recognition in 2021-2022, the Colleges of Distinction have also recognized Pitt-Bradford in public colleges and Pennsylvania colleges, and for its programs in business, education, nursing, career development, and equity and inclusion.

The Colleges of Distinction selection process involves a series of in-depth interviews with schools and in-depth research on each institution’s freshman experience and retention efforts in addition to their general education programs, career development, strategic plan, student satisfaction and more.

Colleges of Distinction advocates schools whose undergraduate experience is based on a philosophy of well-rounded, individual engagement.

Pitt-Bradford has received special recognition in business, education, and nursing.

Colleges of Distinction said the university’s accounting, business, and economics programs introduce business concepts and implement them through internships and community projects.

The accredited nursing course enables its students to conduct research as part of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and to work in hospitals and special units such as cardiac care before completing their studies.

The Career Development Badge recognizes schools with comprehensive four-year plans, advice, and more. In Pitt-Bradford, this includes an Academic Advising Center, TRIO Student Support Services mentoring and coaching, internship placement assistance, and more.

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