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BRADFORD – The students and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford started the spring semester online on the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

“We have missed all of our students and look forward to seeing them back on campus,” said Dr. Catherine Koverola, President of Pitt-Bradford.

“Our priority remains to support the health and safety of our faculties, staff and students, as well as our neighbors in the surrounding communities,” added Koverola. “We’re taking a very conservative approach to keeping everyone COVID-19 free.

“All of us on campus will continue to wear face-covering inside and outside, distance ourselves physically and practice good hand hygiene.”

To contain the spread of the virus, facilities on campus will continue to be open only to Pitt-Bradford faculty, staff and students. The Marilyn Horne Museum and Exhibition Center will remain closed, but the cafe in Marilyn Horne Hall is currently open to the public.

Students will physically return to campus starting Friday January 29th. To ensure a safe return to campus, students are asked to protect themselves on site for a period of time before and after arriving on campus. While taking shelter at home, the University of Pittsburgh is offering all students a free COVID-19 test. In addition, surveillance tests for asymptomatic students will continue on campus this semester.

While the spring semester starts later than normal, it ends as originally planned on May 1, as the spring break has been removed to keep students from traveling. Although the spring break has been eliminated, students have two self-care days in the middle of the week.

Since the fall, many physical precautions have been taken to reduce the number of students in a classroom at the same time. Some classes assign days for students to attend in person or online. Other classes have been moved to physically larger rooms to accommodate more students while maintaining safe distances.

In each academic building, students scan their student ID and have their temperature measured when they enter. A concierge in each building can provide students with face covers or hand sanitizer if required. In addition, the traffic patterns have been reconfigured for one-way flow through buildings.

In addition, the building’s ventilation systems were adapted to optimize the flow of fresh air.

During the spring semester, the university staff will continue to work remotely if possible. Although many employees are not physically on campus, they can still be reached by email, telephone, and other electronic means. The faculties, staff, and students who are on campus will continue to adhere to current security protocols, such as: B. wearing face covering indoors and outdoors, maintaining physical distance and increasing cleaning efforts.

All planning for COVID-19 safety precautions at all Pitt locations is carried out in consultation with the Pitt Health Care Advisory Group and the COVID-19 Medical Response Office, which include leading experts in epidemiology, infectious disease management, and environmental and occupational safety belong.

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