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BRADFORD, PA. – The University of Pittsburgh is featured online for the first time in Bradford’s award-winning literary magazine Baily’s Beads.

The 2021 edition will be presented at an online event on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The event will feature the Baily’s Beads tradition of an open microphone. For login details, send an email to Dr. Nancy McCabe, Professor of Writing and Baily’s Beads Advisor, at ngm4@pitt.edu.

In addition, the event will celebrate the award of First Place of Special Merit by the American Scholastic Press Association to Baily’s Beads 2020 Edition, edited by 2020 graduate Taylor Tarahteeff, with an emphasis on local and regional history, including historical photographs.

The magazine also received an award for outstanding topic.

McCabe said staff at the magazine would need to make two major changes: creating and editing the magazine when both students and faculty work remotely, and distributing the magazine.

Jennifer Coolidge's identical twin date drama

“When we suddenly had to take our classes online last spring, we were a little hindered trying to figure out how to produce the magazine,” said McCabe. “Our editing process typically involves a large room, lots of inputs, paper, pens, reference books, electronic devices, and computers.”

Over the summer, McCabe and the students devised a way to achieve their goals using video conferencing software and new editing techniques.

Since the magazine is typically distributed by leaving copies on campus for the community to pick up, and the staff realized that this academic year would be very different, they decided to create a website for the magazine that easily accessible to those who work and study remotely.

Hannah Wilton-Ruttan, a Bradford-based editor who is the magazine’s editor-in-chief, said, “We hope to have future editions printed, but we plan to have a digital presence with competitions and regular editions of creative work from students, faculty, staff and community members as well as working between topics. “

After the unveiling on Wednesday evening, the issue will be available online at jailysbeads.org.

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