Pitt State is toasted by Wendy’s on Twitter, Pittsburgh, PA is collaborating

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the showdown of the year?

In one corner is Wendy’s, known for their cheeky social media, never-frozen beef, and flavorful chicken nuggets; In the other corner is Pittsburg State University, known for a thriving technology center, an above-average soccer team, and a love of gorillas. Who will win with Twitter as a weapon? Or rather, does the power supply stand a chance?

For the past several years, Wendy’s has been running the Twitter verse with a ruthless roasting hammer, crushing everyone from their fast food contest to celebrities and even everyday consumers. Well, yesterday Pittsburg’s own power supply was the redhead roaster’s latest victim as the fast food chain celebrated its self-created holiday: National Roast Day, a day Wendy’s toast anyone who asks for it.

It started out harmlessly enough, a challenge the PSU’s Twitter account brought with it. “Let’s have it @Wendys.” The tweet read, Wendy dared to do the worst. They delivered.

“Unbelievable. You’re a worse Pittsburg than Pittsburgh,” said Wendy.

PSU replied with “deceased”.

From there, other “Burg (h)” interfered, including the city of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

“You are our ninth favorite ‘Pittsburg’ named after us,” replied the Pittsburgh City Twitter account.

The city of Pittsburg, Kansas also expressed grief over the roast.

“Ouch,” said the city’s Twitter account.

But Pittsburgh rushed in to soften the blow, tweeting, “You’ve always been our favorite namesake, @PittsburgKS.”

The exchange also caught media attention such as the Kansas City star, who highlighted other victims of Wendy’s toast, including Veletta, Wheat Thins, and Bagel Bites.

The battle between the “Burg (h) s” of the USA is nothing new. In fact, one of the most popular Pittsburgh breweries, Drop the H, is playing it off.

When Mark McClain, owner of Drop the H Brewing Company, was asked for her thoughts, he was more than happy to tune in.

“A worse Pittsburg than Pittsburgh? Maybe Wendy sees the glass as half full? “, He said. “We’d offer ‘A Better Pittsburg Than Pittsburgh’.” BTW, if you’re halfway through a beer here, your glass is definitely half full. ”

However, amid this debate about the best Pittsburgh (h) still sits Wendy’s, relying on Pittsburgh residents to be patrons at their N. Broadway location.

Wendy’s could not be reached for comment on whether fears that a full blown boycott of the burger chain in Pittsburg, Kansas could begin, spread to Pittsburg’s counterparts in Pennsylvania, and sweep the entire country from there. Only time can tell.

In the meantime, get some burn ointment for the power supply as these have been roasted enough.

Morning Sun reporter Jonathan Riley also contributed to this report. Jordan Meier works for Morning Sun. She can be reached at jmeier@morningsun.net

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