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24 minutes ago

Uptown players celebrate Uptown Little LeagueOn Saturday, former Uptown Little League members came together for a parade and barbecue to celebrate the league and demand their return.

28 minutes ago

Jubilee ministries holds food distributionEven as people get back to work and come out of the pandemic, Jubilee Ministries is still helping those in need in Lawrence County.

28 minutes ago

Pitt implements COVID-19 protocols for the fall semesterThis fall, Pitt plans to implement strict COVID-19 prevention measures for unvaccinated students and staff.

34 minutes ago

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix returnsAfter a year of pandemic-induced hiatus, Schenley Park was once again enthusiastic about engine noises and vintage cars as part of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. KDKA’s Bryant Reed has the story.

35 minutes ago

Police take part in shooting in Duquesne. fixedA 14-year-old was arrested in connection with a fatal shooting in Duquesne in March.

35 minutes ago

Police are investigating shooting in Homewood NorthA woman was shot dead overnight in Homewood North and is expected to survive.

36 minutes ago

Identified victims of shootings in southern slopesThe victim of a Friday night shooting in the South Side Slopes has been identified as Darian Simpkins, 29.

37 minutes ago

Suspect arrested at McKeesport shootingAn 18-year-old is dead and a 16-year-old was arrested for a shooting in McKeesport.

38 minutes ago

Reporter Update: Pittsburgh Vintage Grand PrixThe Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is ​​back after a COVID-19 hiatus. Donations typically run up to $ 400,000 for charity, and organizers say they are already close to that mark. KDKA’s Bryant Reed is going to have the full story on KDKA-TV News and CBSN Pittsburgh tonight.

6 hours ago

Environmental Protection Department awaiting laboratory results from Chartiers CreekThe Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will wait for the lab results after its investigation is completed this week.

8 hours ago

Memorial walk and candlelight vigil in Butler Memorial Park for Caitlyn KaufmanButler County Ward comes together to remember the life of Caitlyn Kaufman.

8 hours ago

Lt. Gov. Fetterman calls the voter ID requirements “insidious and unnecessary”He spoke to the Democrats at Texas House Friday morning who fled to Washington DC to try to stop an electoral law in their state.

10 hours ago

West End is slated to be sprayed after mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virusMosquito samples recently collected in the West End tested positive for the West Nile virus.

11 hours ago

Pitt calls for measures to contain COVID-19 for the unvaccinatedThe University of Pittsburgh will require unvaccinated students and staff to participate in a string of stringent coronavirus containment measures this fall.

11 hours ago

1 person killed in motorcycle accident in Lawrence CountyOne person was killed in a motorcycle accident in Lawrence County.

11 hours ago

Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix returns to Schenley ParkAfter missing a year due to COVID-19, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is ​​back; Bryant Reed reports from KDKA.

12 hours ago

Hey Ray! Visualize the Coanda effectMeteorologist Ray Petelin is back with another home science lesson!

13 hours ago

Victims identified in the fatal shootout near the quarry field last nightThe victim was Darian Simpkins, 29.

13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

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20 hours ago

Don’t use repealed advice for some McKeesport residentsSome residents of McKeesport Lower 10th Ward have been told they can use their water while others are under a no-use notice.

21 hours ago

1 dead after shooting near the quarry fieldA person was killed in a shooting near a park in Pittsburgh’s South Side Slopes.

21 hours ago

Reporter Update: Deadly Shootout in South Side HangsKDKA’s Jessica Guay is at the scene of a fatal shooting in Pittsburgh.

23 hours ago

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