Pittsburgh Comedian E book Sequence Tells The Story Of Folks Experiencing Homelessness

Creators of the comic book Drawn to Home, an anthology that represents nine distinct stories of Pittsburghers experiencing homelessness, will celebrate its release on Sept. 10 at the Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District.

Producers, artists and storytellers involved in the project will attend the free event that includes food, drinks and music.

Cartoonist and pathologist Nate Taylor said working on the project opened his eyes to the courage and wide-ranging struggles of people experiencing homelessnes. He worked on a story of a man who got his crush’s phone number, but was too scared to call her because he was ashamed of his lack of housing.

“It replaced some of my ingrained attitudes of like, maybe a little judgmental,” Taylor said. “It replaced that with admiration for the folks who go through this.”

A kickstarter for the event begins/began Sept. 1, raising money to print more copies for school libraries.

“We would really love to get these out into high schools,” co-producer Jay Poliziani said. “At least into their libraries, if not into literature classes.”

The Drawn to Home reception will take place at the Trust Arts Education Center Pierce Cabaret Space from 5:30-10:00 p.m.

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