Pittsburgh desires the state at hand over management of pace limits – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Pittsburgh leaders want Pennsylvania to give the city control of local speed limits.

Currently, executives can only control speed limits in city parks. The speed limits everywhere are a matter for the state.

Pittsburgh City Council passed a resolution asking the state to control it.

“It would be so big if we could control our speed limits in the city. It would save so much on all the other efforts we are making because if you want someone to turn 25 and you can make it 15, they could turn 25, ”said Council President Theresa Kail-Smith.

The resolution included data that the chance of death for a pedestrian hit at 32 km / h is 18%. The chance of death increases to 50% when the speed increases to 30 mph and 64% at 35 mph.

If lawmakers give local authorities the power to control speed limits, city leaders will consider building secondary roads 15 miles per hour and main roads 25 miles per hour.

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