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Almost two years ago, Google’s Pittsburgh entrepreneur decided to join the United Steelworkers to secure more workers’ rights advocates. This was an early example of a union movement targeting engineers in various fields. However, both sides continue to have hash negotiations as other fierce worker-clerical battles take place as well. This week they finally brought something more concrete.

Contract workers worked hard to believe that they were being treated like everyone else in the tech industry. At the time, Google seemed to want to avoid a conflict with HCL Technologies, a consultancy with workers.

“We work with a lot of partners, many of whom are members and many are not,” Google said after the first union vote. “As with all partners, it is up to the partner and employer to form a union for HCL employees. We will continue to work with HCL. “

According to the USW, 65 Pittsburgh-based workers have ratified the contract with HCL. According to a statement from the union, it is a three-year transaction that includes working conditions, job security and wages.

“After nearly two years of hard work, patience and solidarity with HCL members, we are proud to have reached this agreement,” said USW President Tom Conway in a press release. Rice field. “The fight against HCL shows more than ever that all workers deserve the protection and benefits of union contracts.”

HCL said in a statement last week as the deal neared completion. We respect the right of employees to prosecute a union if they choose to join a union. We have remained true to our commitment. “

Renata Nelson, a member of the negotiating committee, points out in a USW press release that there are clear tensions. “After ignoring our concerns, HCL tried to prevent us from unionizing. “That was it,” Parks said in the press release. “Now we have a contract with a strong union and we are confident that we can hear our voice.”

I asked Google for a comment.

Pittsburgh Google contractors ratify contract with HCL – TechCrunch Source link Pittsburgh Google contractors ratify contract with HCL – TechCrunch

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