Pittsburgh has elite Zoom assembly capabilities, in response to Najee Harris

Former Alabama who ran back Najee Harris seemed to really enjoy his pre-draft interview with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 23-year-old went on the Adam Schefter podcast and ESPN’s NFL Senior Insider asked which of Harris’ interviews had caught their attention so far. Harris announced that he remembered the Steelers’ meeting the most, saying they had an elite zoom game.

About Dave Bryan of Steelers Depot:

Najee Harris on the Zoom meeting with the Steelers. #Steelers #NFL #NFLDraft pic.twitter.com/cDhBullQAq

– Steelers Depot @ (@Steelersdepot) April 6, 2021

The Steelers must be really high on the kid.

Harris announced that not only was head coach Mike Tomlin in attendance, but almost all of the Pittsburgh staff were on board during the virtual meeting. During the interview, Schefter also came up with the idea that Harris would actually land in Pittsburgh. However, the 23 year old also has his answering skills in tip-top shape by giving a safe and professional response that states that it is not his choice and that he just keeps doing what he can control.

Even so, as Schefter suggested, Pittsburgh could be an ideal landing spot for the 6-foot-2,230-pound rewind. The Steelers are unlikely to bring James Conner back, and Harris could replace him immediately at this point.

If at some point Pittsburgh Harris lands, a positive first impression seems like a great start to their relationship. Additionally, there is a real chance Harris will fall on his lap during the draft, which takes place April 29 through May 1 in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of the bill designs have Harris as a late first round pick, and if the Steelers are lucky, he might just be available at # 1. 24

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