Pittsburgh is selecting up scrap on Saturday – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – Citizens of the city of Pittsburgh have a chance to get rid of junk on Saturday.

The city collects leaves, grass, branches, and other garden debris that must be left on the curb at your usual trash / recycle pickup location before 6am

Yard debris must be in brown paper bags and weigh no more than 35 pounds. The branches must be bundled with fiber yarn or natural rope in branch lengths of 5 feet or less.

Participating in this program helps the environment by diverting valuable resources from the landfill.

Garden waste cannot contain plastic bags, metal or wire, stones or bricks, dirt or gravel and glass, metal or plastic.

What to do with this garden waste all year round? The City of Pittsburgh has three collection centers that pick up scrap. Call each center for details and opening times:

  • East End Drop-Off Center (2nd Division) 6814 Hamilton Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15208 412-665-3609
  • Hazelwood Drop-Off Center (3rd Division) 40 Melanchton St. Pittsburgh, PA 15207 412-422-6524
  • West End Drop-Off Center (5th Division) 1330 Hassler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15220 412-937-3054

Yard waste that does not meet the collection guidelines is left on the curb. You can find more information and additional resources on how to dispose of garden waste here.

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