Pittsburgh lady working to facilitate entry to COVID-19 vaccines for homebound individuals – WPXI

PITTSBURGH – A woman from Pittsburgh made it her business to make sure all of Pittsburgh is vaccinated. Now she’s on a different mission. This time she campaigns for those who are attached to their homeland.

Traveling to the nearest mass vaccination site is next to impossible for local people. They may be plugged into an oxygen tank, have severe mobility problems, or just too sick to leave home. Whatever the reason, they can’t get a COVID-19 vaccine.

But then came a stroke of luck called Leighann Bacher.

“So many people asked us, hey, how can I get my homebound relative vaccinated, and I was sick of telling them I had no idea,” Bacher explained. “So I’m in contact with a number of providers. I will reach you. I was blown away by how many people said, yes, I’m on board. Let’s do this.”

Bacher founded a Facebook group called “Get Pittsburgh Vaccinated”. Your mission is to help people who are having difficulty finding and planning a vaccine.

In just two days – with the help of the Midwife Center and the Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center – the group’s new initiative has already scheduled six home vaccine appointments, and several more are planned for this week.

“People give us their information,” explained Bacher. “We reach out to the vendor closest to you and ask if you can do this for you. If you say yes, we’ll help you plan. If they are unable to, the midwifery center takes over and plans routes for in-home vaccinations. “

Most of the homebound had given up hope of the vaccine. Now you can let your loved ones and friends visit again.

“Learning the stories of these people and hearing from so many people:” I need help “, that attracts you and you can’t help but be invested when you’ve already helped so many people,” said Bacher.

To request a home vaccination, you can call the Pittsburgh Mercy Family Health Center at (412) 918-631. These will coordinate with Bacher. In addition, you can submit an online form by clicking here or make an appointment by email by clicking here.

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